Back Pain Treatments in Singapore

In modern society, the most common type of pain seen is back pain. Back pain affects more than 80% of the population of Singapore every year. Back pains are a common cause of people for visiting doctors and physiotherapy treatments. For some, it may be a temporary pain, while for others; it may turn to be a chronic pain. Earlier, most aged people would suffer from back pains, but now it is a common issue in any age groups.

What are the best treatments available in Singapore for people with back pain?

Nowadays, people seek all kinds of health care professionals such as chiropractors, osteopathy, acupuncturist, and bonesetters to treat joint pains and avoid a surgery. For treatment of back pains, physiotherapists or physical therapists come to minds of most people in Singapore. The unique difference seeing a physiotherapist is they will examine the root causes of the back pain and implement the best treatment for your kind of back pain.

There are many ways on how a physiotherapist can treat your back pain. A common therapy to treat back pains is the ultrasound treatment. In this treatment, the equipment provides heat to the muscles. The heat relieves the muscle tightness and enhances circulation. Ultrasound also heals the soft tissues inside the muscles by stimulating tissue repair and regeneration.

Another solution for back pain treatments is the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS). By this method, acute and chronic back pains can be treated. However, this method can provide you only a temporary relief from back pain. In this method, there is no involvement of injections, narcotics or medications. Electrical pulses generate from this machine reaches the nerves and stop the signal of pain from reaching the brain. It also helps to reduce muscle spasm and relaxes muscle.

The third solution to treat back pains is the hands on manual therapy such as clinical massage, joint mobilization, manipulations, myofascial release, and trigger point release. However, always ensure that this manual therapy to treat back pain is done only by a qualified and well-experienced physical therapist. If you get your back pain treated by untrained person, then it will do more harm to your body. Therefore, it is a necessity to check out the credentials of a physiotherapist, before getting your back pain treated.

Sometimes, physiotherapists also recommend exercises to treat back pain treatments. Exercises not only help to recover the pain, but also if continued helps to prevent the reoccurrence of pain. However, if the pain is acute, then exercises are an absolute contraindication.

However, do not try any exercises related to back pain treatments by reading some guidebooks. It is always advisable to check out with a physiotherapist and exercise under her supervision. You can also do the exercises at home, provided you get the necessary instructions from your physiotherapist. Because the physiotherapist will assess which are the correct exercises for your tight back muscles or weak core muscles. Also, do visit your physiotherapist regularly and check on your back health.

If you will neglect your back pain and delay in being treated, you might need to undergo an operation later on. Post operatively, your orthopedic surgeon will suggest you to undergo physiotherapy rehabilitation for a speedy recovery. To avoid going for an operation, it is very important to start physio treatment for your back pain in the early stage or once you feel back pain or stiffness.

Physiotherapy clinic in Singapore
Physiotherapy in Singapore is one of the common treatments of back pains that do not require any medications or injections. Physioclinic is one of the clinics in Singapore who helped many back pain sufferers successfully to stop their pain. Physioclinic's physiotherapist are well trained in all back conditions and assist in your back pain recovery.

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