Become Stress Free With Relaxation Meditation

As life has become more hectic, stress has also become one of America’s most serious health problems. It is widely acknowledged that stress is a major cause of hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, lower back pain, ulcers and even diabetes. And stress has become so prevalent that it affects not only adults but also children and teenagers.

To better manager stress one needs to learn how to deal with it and set a goal to have a more well balanced life. When you practice relaxation meditation daily you can relieve your stress. There are a few techniques to guided meditation to help you to stay calm when dealing with many of life’s problem that you may face.

Relaxation Response is one of the most popular guided meditation practices. This helps your body get into a state of rest that will help recharge your body. This has many positive physical effects such as slowing the rate of your heart beat and lowering your blood pressure. This can also help relieve chronic pain. This also helps to increase your concentration and focus to improve how productive you are in your daily routine.

If you’re the kind of person who has trouble keeping still, then you can practice movement meditation. Movement meditation simply involves creating a meditative state of mind through body movement. To do this kind of guided meditation, simply stand with your legs slightly apart and your body centered. Take a few deep breaths then slowly begin moving your body in a snake-like, undulating fashion. Keep your attention focused on your body. You can also play some music to help you further focusing your attention.

If you want a more formal movement meditation program, you can sign up for tai chi classes. Tai Chi is not only a good form of meditation, it is also a safe, low-impact exercise that will help improve your fitness; once you’ve learned the basic moves you can do it anywhere. If you like, you can supplement your movement meditation practice with visualization exercises, visualizing yourself as a flower opening up to the sun, for example, or as a panther slowing moving through the jungle.

To get the most out of your guided meditation, you have to ensure that you practice it regularly and consistently; thus you should select a technique that you like so that you’ll stick with it. Experts recommend that you set aside at least ten to twenty minutes a day for your meditation practice, in a quiet comfortable place.

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