Ben Stiller Opens Up About Prostate Cancer For First Time Since Diagnosis | TODAY

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    • avatar Grace Shih tzu24 1

      My dad got diagnosed a few months ago and its been hard

      Im inlay twelve and Ive gotten extremely depressed by the news

      • avatar JamaicaSugar 1

        He's still gorgeous and glad he's okay now!

        • avatar Doug P 1

          The ACA attack on PSA tests is absolutely stupid!! There is no reason why anyone should not want to know if they have prostate cancer.

          • avatar Jason Longoria 1

            will be praying for you

            • avatar julesgame 2

              Take the cbd oil benny !

              • avatar Roy Jacobs 1

                I was 47 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was previously diagnosed with testicular cancer when I was 30. Do not let this doctor full you . Yes, there are side affects, ED and Incontinence.

                • avatar SuperUncorrupted 1

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                  • avatar Lois Michalik 2

                    every man needs to read this book the great prostate hoax by Dr. Richard j.ablin he discoverd the psa.

                    • avatar Latte' Lawson 1

                      Or you better know about natural herbs

                      • avatar Latte' Lawson 1

                        Translation.. if you re not Rich you re DEAD

                        • avatar R McGee 1

                          my husband just got diagnosed ; ( we don't kno what to do ; (