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    • avatar Cara Corson 1

      This is one of my favorite of your videos! I've already watched it 3 times. I'm systematically buying all of the products here that you recommend for dry skin one at a time! So far I have 4 of them and just ordered a 5th….loving everything! Please continue to do affordable videos! Thanks!

      • avatar Amelia Schartel 1

        I'm getting ready to start retinol and I love using vitamin c at night because i feel it's to much for me in the morning along with using the ordinary buffet. Is it ok to do both retinol and vitamin c at night or should i skip vitamin c the nights i do retinol? I also want to say your channel helped me realize what my skin actually needs and completely changed my skin, thank you so much!

        • avatar Mila Sancho 1

          Hi. Thanks to you I am knowing many products that facial care that are doing very well to my skin of 51 years. Some of them I have been buying and I love them, such as Heimish All Clean Balm. Taking advantage of the black come Secret Creaming Starting Essence and Secret Key Aloe Soothing Moist Tone, but I have a question. I've always believed that first the toner
          was put and then the essence and yet in the video you present them backwards. Can you tell me what is the correct order? Thank you. Greetings from Spain.

          • avatar Jordan Harris 1

            your skin is just …. so glowy and dewy and healthy! i cant seem to find the right skincare, i have dry dehydrated like you. i love your videos :)

            • avatar Maria M 2

              Great video! Thank you for making it! Question- is the order you did this the order in which you would apply them?

              • avatar Michelle Nicastro 2

                Do you have a favorite sea buckthorn oil that isn't the fresh one? I need one that is more budget friendly

                • avatar LIZALIZALIZABETH 1

                  Hi Rene! I just bought my entire kit from your recommendations in this video by taking advantage of black Friday here in the states, BUT I’m trying so hard to get my hands on those isintree toner, but I cannot find if anywhere!

                  • avatar Meemy Ali 1

                    you are THE BEST, I love your knowledge of details, amazing channel. wonderful product. THANX

                    • avatar phoebe oreneile archie 0

                      The woman knows her stuff, very informative

                      • avatar Jazy Z 2

                        This was such a perfect video thank you for this! Informative clear and just overall love the suggestions 😊

                        • avatar seqingnicole 1

                          no way an essence for $15? wow i'm genuinely surprised