Best Pilates Workout ♥ Core Exercises For Weight Loss

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    • avatar Seasalt and Tea 1

      Oh my god! This workout was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it! Also, the scenery is just spectacular and your outfit is beautiful. You are beautiful!
      Thanks again.
      Sending you Light ✨✨✨

      • avatar CallMeJoah 1

        god damn is there a way to NOT have your bones on your knee hurt everytime you move it on the side plank? My bones are practically pressed into the floor and then moving, HOW CAN THIS NOT HURT? are you an alien??? I'm in paaaaiiiinnnn

        • avatar KaukoC 1

          hi , Oooh! snow workout, cool

          • avatar ste bee 1

            Post and pre surf yoga stretches if you could please? Great videos by the way

            • avatar Maggie Ouloupi 2

              That was the best!
              I like the hard ones!

              • avatar Yvonne Wilcox 1

                I love all the variations you do with so many of these these movements! Keeps it interesting! ~ P.S. Today is the day. Rochester, NY's Positive Movement Tour stop! See you soon! :)

                • avatar Bckbry 1

                  This is so calming omg but when u do it..

                  • avatar Sanjiv Rinka Rinka 0

                    Thank you so much for all your videos, you post.

                    • avatar Tse0719 Sunny 1

                      amazing workout thank you

                      • avatar Red Plus 2

                        you're so cute and beautiful! And love your workouts :D

                        • avatar Eerianna 1

                          definitely didn't look perfect but so excited cuz I made it through the whole vid. I guess the work does pay off.

                          • avatar Nathan Enzor 1

                            Doesn't swinging your arms like that on the roll up defeat the purpose of it since you aren't having to engage your core bc you're using momentum instead?

                            • avatar Angi K 0

                              Thank you for the love and all the knowledge you share in those beautiful and professional videos! So happy I found you :)

                              • avatar TheMaliciousSmurf 1

                                the title doesn't lie, this is amazing!

                                • avatar Moempiedoem 1

                                  I always have to skip side exercises, because I can't stand on my hands that long. My wrists start to hurt really quickly, not only when doing push ups, but mostly when on my side and holding up my body with just one arm. I'm a small light-weight person, so it can't be that I'm too heavy for my arms. Any tips to reduce pain and tension on the wrists?

                                  • avatar Starri Devil 1

                                    Are u actually married to the guy in your vid or is it really your gay best friend? Be honest.

                                    • avatar 余珮瑀 1

                                      Dear Juliana & Mark,

                                      Thank you for your amazing videos, they remind me the happiness and Simplicity of life. I have been stressed and depressed for quite a long time because of my work and study, despite I used to be a yoga lover and doer. BOHO is my favorite and ideal lifestyle, and I always want to take back my life. Your wonderful videos make me feel it is possible. Thank you!
                                      Looking for ward to your next beautiful practice!


                                      • avatar Vera Gorelova 1

                                        Thank you so much !!!

                                        • avatar stuandcath - Free to Wander 1

                                          Aweosme workout thank you

                                          • avatar zemraT D 1

                                            Beautiful vid fresh workout lol how can 59 people dislike this ? X