Better Vision With Eye Exercises

Unlike what conventional optometry might tell you, improving your eyesight really is quite possible. In this article, I'll show you three eye exercises you can do to improve your eyesight. Try them out and judge for yourself.

1. The first eye exercise is called palming. What you do is you comfortably rest your elbow on a table, close your eyes and place your left palm on your left eyelid and your right palm on your right eye lid. Your left and right hand fingers should be crossing each other.

Do not press on your eyes. It should be comfortable and relaxing. What you can do, additionally, is rub your hands so that your palms are a tad warm.

This natural warmth that originates from your palm has soothing capabilities. Notice how a mother places her palm on a child's wound to soothe it. There's a natural tendency to do it.

The soothing warmth reduces strain that is in our eye muscles. Strain, according to W.H Bates, the optometrist who invented eye exercises, is the cause of most common eye problems such as myopia and hyperopia.

When you palm, relax your mind and visualize the most relaxing scene you've ever experience. In that scene, try to visualize you can see clearly without glasses. In the beginning, you'll have difficulty even imagining it is clear - this is the limitation that glasses have imposed on us.

2. This is why for any eye exercises to be effective, one has to stop using his/her glasses. Glasses only treat the symptom - which is deteriorating sight. It does not treat the cause - which is the strain.

By wearing glasses, you're encouraging more strain to be placed on your eyes. Moreover, a lame man will never again learn to walk without crutches if he never tried it.

In other words, for your brain to learn how to see clearly without glasses, it has to have the opportunity to try it.

3. The nexxt exercise is called focusing. All you do is place two pebbles 30 centimeters apart. Position your head in the middle of the pebbles, but vertically away from them like you're reading a book.

Turn your head to left and try to see the left pebble without seeing the right one. You'll probably be able to see both at the same time and focusing do require practice.

Relax, take deep breaths and blink during this exercise. Do NOT force yourself. Trying to see everything at once, a habit worsened with a culture of multitasking, places undue strain on our eyes - thus causing deterioration.

If you would like to learn more tips and tricks on vision improvement and eye exercises, simply visit Andre Auerbach's website to learn how you can improve eyesight effortlessly.


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