Biological Core Protocols for Chronic Health

Biological Core Protocols for Chronic Health
Event on 2017-06-04 09:30:00
For the first time Dr Klinghardt will be presenting his renowned therapeutic solutions across a broad spectrum of conditions. This one- day seminar will offer biological non-invasive effective approaches for therapists and patients alike. This seminar will cover: Lyme disease and co-infections: Protocol for the revolutionary provoked PCR test (DNA based urine analysis) for Borrelia burgdorferi and co-infections The unified biological treatment protocol Protocols for Lyme-induced symptoms: insomnia, psychiatric presentations, cardiovascular complications, obesity and lipid disorders, neurological presentations, fatigue, brain fog and memory loss Autism: effective yet gentle, comprehensive and affordable solutions Toxicity: diagnosing metal toxicity; clearing metals across the blood brain barrier; general metal detox; diagnosing and treating herbicide toxicity (glyphosate, atrazine, 2,4-D, etc.); medical approaches Parasites: enema- and herb-based protocols, anti-parasitic agents and their use Biophysics: affordable supportive instruments (cold lasers, infrared light, sound, colour devices, magnetic mats, Rife, Ki footbath) Electromagnetic fields: diagnosing exposure levels and protocols for effective reduction scientific daytime and nighttime strategies Drug uptake enhancement: crucial energetic tips for concentrating remedies in the target area as well as increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage Finding the right dose: the self-titration method Materia Medica: simple methylation solutions/vitamin protocols.

at Mary Mackillop Place
7-11 Mount Street
North Sydney, Australia

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