Birth control solutions don’t cause an abortion- Know the facts

Emergency level birth control medicines are exclusively used for causing prevention of an unwanted pregnancy immediately after a case of unprotected sexual intercourse. The method with contraceptives is to make a protective solution that disallows or prevents / restricts one from becoming pregnant.

It is an active solution and works 100 percent effectively by causing active prevention of the pregnancy and possibilities.

The answer to “Does Birth Control Pills / Solutions cause an Abortion?” is a NO as making use of these emergency pills for contraception after unprotected intimate session doesn’t actually cause one to have an abortion. The primary reason is that the medicines are formulated only to aid woman with not getting pregnant. Women can’t abort with the help of Birth Control Pills. According to medical experts, a woman can actively avoid becoming pregnant with the birth control solutions.


The process of pregnancy involves the fertilization of the egg by implanting in the uterus lining of a woman. The implantation process is initiated after a period of around 5 to 7 days post the session of fertilization process by the sperm with the egg. Oral Contraceptives involve these pills that deliver the hormones by oral means with their daily pill process. This process causes prevention of the ovulation cycle and thickens the lining of the cervical mucus thus preventing fertilization.

Contraceptive pills causes termination of the process of fertilization by causing breaking of the uterus lining and thus disengaging the process which ultimately leads to no pregnancy involvement.

With Abortion process, the live embryo is terminated whereas the birth control solutions cause termination of the birth process and disallows the user from conceiving.
Birth control medicine is guided for consumption at the earliest within 1 to 3 days while Abortion medicines are to be consumed within a period of primary 9 weeks of the pregnancy.

The birth control medicines will not cause or induce the process of abortion in the user who is in the stage of pregnancy process. It is medically understood that the contraceptive medicines will not cause any effects on the pre-embryo development as the major and primary goal of the medicine is to help the user prevent the unwanted stage of pregnancy and also indirectly help in preventing the process of future abortion in all sense.

With advancement in medical science, one can also find Birth Control solution with quality IUD methods and vaginal ring where the user is required to simply insert the tool vaginally with clinical assistance and continue the lifestyle.

The above article has written by Sherlin Brandon who has completed Phd in pharmacy and has wrote many articles on abortion pills. Many medicines are available like Abortionpillkit, Plan B, Cytotec

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