Black Girls Lift: Forget the Summer Body, Get a Year-Round Body

Black Girls Lift: Forget the Summer Body, Get a Year-Round Body
Event on 2017-06-25 14:00:00
This is 2-part fitness event which will consist of a workshop & a full work-out. We will teach, guide, and instruct you on exercises (that use weights, of course!) to do at your own gym and at home. PART 1: WORKSHOP Dr. Brenda Bradley, PhD, a Certified Integrative Nutritiona Health Coach, will discuss the benefits of a plant-based diet and how eating more of these nutritious foods can help your body perform optimally. PART 2: WORKOUT Sharita Jennings, a certified fitness trainer, will lead the group through some weightlifting exercises while demonstrating proper technique/form. Participants will: -receive a full 45-minute workout incorporating weight/strength training exercises -learn how to use weights & machines that target various muscles throughout the body -meet other Black Girls Lift members and find an accountability partner  -leave with a renewed sense of motivation to work-out year round About Brenda Bradley: Brenda T. Bradley, PhD is an engaging and compassionate certified health coach. Through her work and passion for healthy eating and living, she decided to answer the call to become a certified health coach. Determined to break free from the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is known to do more harm than good, she set out on her journey to research food, diseases, and fitness. Her drive and determination led her to become more involved in health and fitness. After struggling with her own health goals and learning about the body and what it needs to perform optimally, she made the switch to a plant-based diet. This diet she credits for helping her not only to lose weight, but has improved her overall quality of life. Last year she developed a new program, The 21-Day Vegan Challenge, and has recommended that clients and those struggling with weight or health issues give it a try. The 21-Day Challenge is a vegan-only food challenge that stresses the healing power of food and how its proper use can restore the body to a natural healthy state. Dr. Bradley’s goal is to inspire others to lead the charge for healthy eating and exercise. She leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual health coaching. About Sharita Jennings: Sharita Jennings is an A.C.E. certified group fitness instructor and fitness nutrition specialist, former trainer with The North Face Mountain Athletics, and a GirlTrek ambassador. She leads group fitness classes and events throughout the DMV with a focus on building strength and endurance. Sharita is also a contributor at and she creates online fitness plans and challenges to help more people #GetFitLikeThat with limited time. She plans to make health and fitness fun and accessible to more individuals near and far! About Black Girls Lift: Black Girls Lift was founded in 2015 with purpose of helping black women meet their health and fitness goals, especially encouraging them to incorporate strength training as integral to overall fitness.  Black Girl Lift organizes a wide array of fitness events; including group training sessions, boot camps, nutrition seminars, Lift 101, weight loss and fitness challenges.  Black Girls Lift inspires Black women to maintain fitness as a lifestyle and to include a strength training component to their workouts. 

at Atlas Fitness
920 11th Street Southeast
Washington, United States



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