Black Women’s Issues NOT BLACK RACE ISSUES

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    • avatar The Black Board 1

      HANNAH – Love I should have known you were on this! Look up my comment on Antonio's video. I told him I cut it off at minute 6:00. Couldn't stand it no more. Said many of the same things you're saying. Went to a townhall meeting last night and tried to explain to Black folk how so-called Black leadership is selling them out and doing them dirtier than Trump, whom I like, ever could. Over 500 people became unglued! I tried to explain that black men are the ones competing with immigrants. Not black women. Black women are among the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country. When you add up all of the college graduates in the country black woman occupy a disproportionate amount meaning that despite caring for the babies, despite caring for elderly parents, despite caring for jailbird male cousins and brothers and other relatives we still get our college degrees at a higher percentage than even white women. One of the only groups that tops us with education are Africans and that's because they're educated in Africa first. As I said on Antonio's Channel, until black men understand that black women are not their enemy they will continue to sink further and further down. And to show how shameful, selfish, and just downright stupid they are this country is now being filled with black men from other countries who have no problem whatsoever first of all marrying black women second of all making sure that they bring in the bacon and are the primary Breadwinners in their families and thirdly they still are involved to a great extent with the upbringing of their children. So now you will have white people seeing even more so that the whining and complaining that black males do has nothing to do with being black. That is not to discount systemic racism, historic wrongdoings that will never be repaired because the heart of white people ride along with all these other people such as Latinos, Asians, Native Americans excetera that black folks insist on co-signing for they are no better than white people either in terms of wanting to shoulder our burdens or make sure we're repaired or anything else, is not to Discount any of those things but what it does show is that Black women are industrious and they come from the same circumstances and they get up and get 'er done while these males are mired in selfishness whining complaint drunkenness drug addictions and just are like you said a menace to themselves and a menace to everyone else.

      • avatar Tru DeSoto 1

        Soooo true. It's a waste to fight for black men. And black men always have issues. If they're poor …..if their rich. …..if they get opportunity (it's too much pressure, they feel Survivors Guilt )….if they are denied a chance (or claim they were ).

        • avatar Lolita Cox 1

          I'm with you Hannah, it's about us now, if they can't understand that, oh well…

          • avatar Chayce Per Usual 1

            Antonio (or maybe it's the other BM co-host) admitted to marrying up and doing him and making sure he was good and supported in his marriage arrangement. So I don't understand where he or anyone else there can get off trying to rain of Black women's attempt to do us and make sure we're good. I swear, the mind games these pro-Blk spaces employ to get Black women hustling backwards for the sake of BM are getting harder and harder to hide. It's a shame cause I have found a lot of the info on her videos to be informative and dynamic but she always allows the men hijack her platform and redirect issues back to them away from the women and it just messes the whole thing up.

            • avatar Crystal Blue 1

              Everytime the black male has a cause he wants to usurp the black woman's energy towards what he is doing. Why can;t these black males do anything on their own? They had no problem leaving us with babies on our own to fin for ourselves. F'em!

              • avatar Crystal Blue 2

                I caught that too. Antonio of Tone Talks is against black women coming up in any shape form or fashion. He just like all other black males don't want to see black women get any kind of benefit. Since black males are always talking about the $5 net worth of black single mothers.

                72% of black children are in single parent homes. And as far as I am concerned Antonio wants black children to forget about their needs in favor of black males at the expense of black women and children. Black males want the black children to suffer.

                • avatar Crystal Blue 1

                  What I find is that black women are told that our issues don't matter and anytime we discuss the unique issues of black women the conversation is always regulated to race and what is happening to the black man.

                  However, the black man does talk about gender issues and all the ways in which he believes that women get favorable, preferential treatment. But I thought it was supposed to be about race not gender. If black women are told to stay away from gender issues than so should the black man.

                  • avatar ubiquity 1

                    EVERYONE FEEDS OFF OF BLACK WOMEN. We must not continue to allow them to do this to us. Divest, Reset and Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.

                    • avatar Meka Lock 1

                      I like this video a 100X's. We have to do it ourselves if we wait on them to do anything we will waiting forever. They'd rather sit around on social media complaining about petty shhh. I've never seen people that are so easily influenced to ignorance in my life.

                      • avatar veronicajade20 2

                        These anti-social, anti-family, anti-marriage black "male" losers are pro-black but never pro-black women. Black men's "Black wealth" does not go to the Black community – b/c their asses refuse to get married or even live in families with children where they financially provide for a household like real men. All Black men's "Black wealth" goes to them, video games, porn, & whatever trashy non-Black females they feel like screwing or actually marrying. Black women and alll the out of wedlock "full Black" children these absent, deadbeat black "males" keep on having with the Black women they habitually pull a pump, impregnate, & dump on end up having to struggle to survive and feed themselves in dangerous, poverty stricken Blackstani neighborhoods & projects. I'm over these whiny bum niqqas.