1. Emma Ferguson Emma Ferguson

    apple cider vinegar. ingest and add to bleach bath. also I know you've probably already done this but dairy products make it worse. it could be to do with your diet completely. but I'm sure you've probably already tried that route.

  2. VioletVorpal VioletVorpal

    Have you been tested for any allergies? Sometimes eczema is caused by a food allergy. Cutting out dairy helped many people get rid of their eczema.

  3. Dæmon Græyson Dæmon Græyson

    Moms over here already taking several pills for allergies and vitamin d and creams and shit. And how's she's over here talking about 15 bandaids a day wit a full face of toothpaste taking a bath in bleach. How have we gotten to this point and I just subscribed too

  4. Kelly Pham Kelly Pham

    BATHE IN OATMEAL! Worked for me !

  5. Beverly Williams Beverly Williams

    Have u ever used raw shea butter? it will totally work for your eczema…my son has it and i made a cream with raw shea butter…sweet almond oil and vitamin e and it cured it…every once in awhile he will get a spot here and there bt otherwise he doesnt suffer with it like he use to…bleach is so harsh and can do more harm to ur body in the long run…hope this helps😊

  6. Komerican10 Komerican10

    I'm so sorry you have to suffer from this. My daughter had it bad when she was younger, but it's slowly getting better as she gets older. I know how it feels to always feel ugly. I LIVE with constant pain 24/7. There is not a day where pain is gone. So yeah, if you feel bad in any way, you're gonna feel ugly and depressed. I do hope this therapy helps you tons!!!

  7. veronica dd veronica dd

    give up weed in your diet… and your eczema all go away.. your have better skin.. you will feel better… if you don't believe me read Wheat Belly..

  8. BeautyWithGotti BeautyWithGotti

    Wow I wish my eczema looked like that, mine is 100xs worse.

  9. Dank Memes Dank Memes

    I can give you cream and vitamin D.

  10. Julian Lemle Julian Lemle

    OMG the same thing happened to me. Use turmeric sis.

  11. Allison Kitani Allison Kitani

    I had eczama all over my arms and i feel your pain!! Try to eliminate all dairy products (cows milk only tho). It really helps and it is a very natural way to heal your eczama!! ❤️

  12. Raveena Hayer Raveena Hayer

    i LOVE YOUR ASIAN ACCENT. Can you do all your videos in that accent ?

  13. pewpew pew pewpew pew

    they put something like bleach on pools to kill bacteries, you shouldnt be so scared.. i m sorry for you if your docrtor didnt explain it better

  14. AnotherWeird Personfromhell AnotherWeird Personfromhell

    She could atleast make it hot.

  15. Veronica Bruggeman Veronica Bruggeman

    Try adding coconut oil to your bath water and maybe that'll help. I had a bad breakout once and that's the only thing that helped

  16. Marc Sadaka Marc Sadaka

    how many minutes you stay in the bath

  17. Marc Sadaka Marc Sadaka

    the bath for how long please

  18. edolina2000 edolina2000

    It's going to burn but it's not a big thing because we wash salad and vegetable sometimes with bleach so we can take that bacteria

  19. All Fadr Odhinn All Fadr Odhinn

    Vegan for eight months cures psoriasis, eczema.

  20. Krista Shaw Krista Shaw

    did it burn


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