Blunsdon 1968 – Not that happy

Blunsdon 1968 – Not that happy
Back Pain
The last chance of a Primary school photo before the school finishes for the summer, next stop the senior school in the next town.
The local children at this school had never met a child that had a darker shade of skin, they could not believe I was born in London – So much for village life.
It was here that I was taught a new word ‘Daps’, in real english – plimsolls.
After exploding full rolls of caps under the lids of our desks during the lunchtime break. One of the masters, unable to find the school cane, decided to use the 3 foot board ruler on us instead, the three hits we each got looked more like six hits due to the square edges on the sides, the pain was about the same as the cane.
Arriving at the very end of the school year, I found that schools in this area still had the 11 Plus exam, I knew I would not have any chance of passing it, but to be fair I was allowed to take it, the only problem was that I had to sit it whilst normal lessons were going on around me, after the results and the summer holidays. I joined the majority of my year at the local Secondary Modern in the town a few miles away, where it seemed the only reason for going was to use up your time before you could leave school at 16.
A photo taken four years earlier at the age of seven if used to compare, shows my features are now back to normal, I have lost some of the chubbiness I put on in the children’s home.

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