Breaking out of your Comfort Zone 1-Day Workshop in Mindfulness and Values

Breaking out of your Comfort Zone 1-Day Workshop in Mindfulness and Values
Event on 2017-09-30 09:15:00
ACT teaches six key skills: 1.      Connection to the “here and now”: be more connected in our conversations, relationships, activities and actions 2.      Defusion: recognise and “unhook” from unhelpful thoughts and thinking patterns 3.      Willingness & Compassion: manage our emotions more effectively while taking action even in the presence of pain 4.      Perspective taking: see the bigger picture, having a more flexible view of self, others and the world 5.      Values: recognise and connect to what matters most 6.      Meaningful ACTion: consistently take steps, no matter how small, towards who and where we want to be     Aisling Curtin and Dr. Trish Leonard, Counselling Psychologists, will deliver this course.  They created 5 Minute Breakouts and are getting married in June 2017.  Aisling’s passion is giving workshops that are practical and inspiring in nature.  She has led public workshops for the past 5 years to teach people the psychological skills to live a life of purpose.  Aisling’s warmth and authenticity will keep you engaged and engrossed.  Trish’s passion is making complex theory easy to understand.  The course is lively, the material unique, both Aisling and Trish draw deeply from their own personal experience to make the learning memorable. Course objectives: How to apply ACT in your daily life to create a sense of vitality, meaning and fulfillment Help you to move towards your values and what matters most to you Teach powerful ways to rapidly reduce the believability of unhelpful thoughts Introduce mindfulness exercises Develop acceptance skills and learn how to unhook from unhelpful thoughts, Put you, and your inner core values, back in the driving seat of your life

at The Morgan Hotel, Dublin 2
The Morgan Hotel, Fleet Street, Dublin 2
Dublin, Ireland



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