1. Richel Paurom Richel Paurom

    How many days it will last?

  2. AussieWitchCerberus Bindweed AussieWitchCerberus Bindweed

    Hi Andrea.

    Went to make a stock blend of this (using only the oils)for vaporization, inhalation or chest rub but I don't have any orange e.o.
    In a 5ml bottle I added 30 drops, Lavender, 20 drops Cedarwood and I intuitively found myself adding in 30 drops Scotch Pine.

    I still have some room left in my bottle for one more oil

    What do you suggest to use as an alternative?

    The citrus oils I have on hand are mandarin, grapefruit, and bergamot.

    Other oils in my collection are:

    . Basil
    . Black Pepper
    . R. Chamomile
    . Cinnamon Bark
    . Citronella
    . Clove Bud
    . Frankincense
    . Geranium
    . Jasmine (2.5% in jojoba)
    . Myrrh
    . Patchouli
    . Sandalwood
    . Sage
    . Tea Tree
    . Ylang Ylang

    Yeah I need to buy my oils 😉

  3. ahmed eldidi ahmed eldidi

    thank you so mush I wont Essentiel oils for sleep stress 😇🙋👍

  4. Angie K Angie K

    Hi Andrea, Good Morning to you. I don't know if I am remembering incorrectly or not, but I seem to recall that you may have used different kinds of tweezers in various youtube videos when you made inhalers using the bowl method. I was wondering if you would care to elaborate on why you would recommend one style over the other if you think it would be important to know. Thank you! Have a great day.

  5. Carol Folk Carol Folk

    Hi Andrea. I've been ill for a few weeks, after a very stressful period and exhaustion. Besides following my holistic doctor's advise, I've been using a few oils. I'd like to use this blend, but could the orange keep me up at night? I learned the hard way not to diffuse peppermint before going to bed.

  6. my adha my adha

    your voice so calm and relaxing. does anybody agreed with me? haha

  7. La Shaunda Grayer La Shaunda Grayer

    Hi Andrea,
    I'm new to essential oils I have some health issues and want to use them to help. what brand do you use or recommend?

  8. Jannette Guadalupe Jannette Guadalupe

    me encanta! lo hare

  9. pooja agarwal pooja agarwal

    where will i get aroma containers

  10. Belinda Rutledge Belinda Rutledge

    Another wonderful blend recipe. Thanks Andrea! 🙂

  11. Darkmoon crow Darkmoon crow

    I really enjoy your videos, they have been very helpful as this is going to be as well! thank you so much for sharing. many blessings x

  12. Tiffany Little Tiffany Little

    Hi! What type of Cedarwood are you using? Virginian, Himalayan or Indian?

  13. Katrina Greely Katrina Greely

    Sounds like a great blend! Oh and update on the organic cotton wick inserts for the inhaler tubes: Aromatics.com is now selling them.

  14. Jeyatha T Jeyatha T

    Can you please make a hair oil recipe.. Thanks for all your wonderful essential oil recipes.

  15. aromareiki A aromareiki A

    Thank you, Andrea for another delightful suggestion. How long the inhaler is good for. approximately? I know that it depends on how often it is used. The ones I use often keep for about three months. What you would recommend?


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