Brushed Your Pet’s Teeth Lately?

Brushed Your Pet’s Teeth Lately?
Event on 2017-06-08 17:00:00
Brushed Your Pet’s Teeth Lately?
Did you know that almost 100% of dogs and cats have a form of dental disease by age 5? Or 80% of dogs and cats have painful dental disease by age 3? Brushing along with certain additives and treats can help eliminate or postpone dental disease. What is the big deal? Unlike the inflamed gums of gingivitis, which can be treated and reversed with thorough plaque removal and continued plaque control, periodontitis can only be treated (not cured) to prevent progression. The disease causes red, swollen and tender gums, receding gums, bleeding, pain and bad breath. If left untreated, periodontitis will lead to tooth loss. Even worse, bacteria that cause periodontal disease will enter the bloodstream and damage the heart, liver, kidney, bone, joints and lungs, which can then lead to organ failure and death. While ignoring oral care can take 3-4 years off your pet’s life, prevention can add quality years onto their life. So, are you being proactive? Afraid to brush or do not know how to start? Would you like one on one dental education from our expert? We got you covered. We will be holding a dental clinic the 2nd Thursday of the month. Starting May 11th from 5 pm to 7 pm where you and your pet can come in for a free assessment of your pet’s mouth and get some great home care recommendations from our expert dental technician Andy. He will also collect a saliva sample and perform a free dental diagnostic test using an OraStrip. It can measure and monitor the presence and severity of periodontal infection. This value that is no cost to you but it is only for dogs. Remember that bad breath is not normal. Neither are red gums, difficulty in chewing, moderate to heavy tarter, loose teeth or bleeding gums. Our pets rarely show signs of pain and discomfort. They mask these symptoms very well. All too often when the symptoms start, the damage has been done. So join us at our dental clinic so we can help your pet enjoy a longer, quality life. It will take approximately 15 minutes and your pet will thank you for. Appointments are greatly appreciated but walk-ins will be accepted. All dogs and cats are welcome. (all pets must be current on their Rabies vaccination)
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