1. Dustin Felts Dustin Felts

    I started going to a Suboxone clinic here in Tennessee. I am going for pain management. The price for every visit is $225.00. I go twice a month. That's $500.00 a month just for the doctor visit. The medication, with the savings coupon, is another $200.00, twice a week. In total, that is $1000.00 a month. I received a bill in the mail on Friday from a lab that tests my urine. It was for $178.00. And that was just for one of my tests. I suspect that I will be billed 3 more times for tests that were sent in. This was a surprise to me, as I figured that the $225.00 would include the testing, since it was so outrageous.
    My heart is broken. How can anyone afford this? For the first time in 30 years I was seeing a ray of hope. My pain level was down, and was starting to enjoy life again. What can I do? I am in tears.

  2. Matt Joss Matt Joss

    I only take 2mg. This Drug can Take you Out, If you let it…

  3. Shelley Freeman-Wyrick Shelley Freeman-Wyrick

    Why is the FDA, state and federal government so hell bent on clinicians prescribing bupernorphine for "addicts only?" It doesn't make sense. I'm wondering if it's related to RB's corrupt lobbying or rather RB's lobbying and our corrupt state governments taking RB's money and agreeing to "limit its use" because of patent expiration or some other matter no one is aware of?

  4. wavygr wavygr

    Once you are on Suboxone for addiction it is a bad pain killer.

  5. Mama Kimberly Mama Kimberly

    Thank You For This! I suffer from Arnold Chiari Malformation Type I, and Have Been On Huge, High Doses of Narcotics For 15 Years, and Still Had A 11 On A Typical Pain Scale. Buprennorphine Saved My Life!!!! Keep Brining Awareness To People And Physicians!!!!

  6. Jynx Jynx Jynx Jynx

    Dilaudid (hydromorphone) 2mg po qid does wonders for pain.

  7. Andy Okus Andy Okus

    MD's don't know shit. Suboxone is a miracle drug! Was on methodoan for 15 yrs. Rotted out all my teeth almost drove me insane and killed me. DEA nazi scumbags got the med profession so terrified they will do whatever they say. Dare to think for yourself!!!

  8. Matt Joss Matt Joss

    Subutex saved my life. I have a rod in my left leg and Touryette syndrome stage 3. 1 tablet took away All the pain.

  9. sarazorz sarazorz

    Meds work differently for different people. I just started this medicine a few days ago after taking tramadol for 5 years. This stuff has relieved pain that Tramadol couldn't touch! Works great for me! Looking forward to living my life again! There is hope!

  10. metal mark metal mark

    This Guy is A JackASS.

  11. metal mark metal mark

    VERY ADDICTIVE. Works very little for chronic pain, Makes you feel ANGRY! Dont' take it.

  12. tommy23490 tommy23490

    I have been taking subtex for pain management for 6 years.. Regular opiods hydrocodone and oxycodone were not working anymore.. I'm also a lot more clear headed and feel much better. People can say what they want, but it works for me.. And yes I know withdraws are horrendous. I'm by no means saying it's for everyone..

  13. Biggity B Biggity B

    Burpenorphrine is very hard to quit . Worse than most opioids to stop. Very long withdrawal period . They recommend tapering but that's hard to do if your working full time.


    Im not a cat, well not yet

  15. Lee O'toole Lee O'toole

    lmfao that's it push the most addictive opioid known to man ha smdh withdrawal is no fucking joke.

  16. !rC !rC

    Total crap in my opinion. Old dr doesn't know his stuff IMO


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