1. asianhippy asianhippy

    As an Asian guy, I can affirm this Buzzfeed video is BULLSHIT!

  2. Amrita Maharaj Amrita Maharaj

    Um the Kama sutra is a book of love . Actually the main reason it was written is not a guideline for sex but guidelines of how to respect women ( especially when it comes to sex) . Loves this Vid 😊. Make more . I say that as a brown girl that was bullied a lot during my teenage years for being Indian and choosing to stay Indian . You know what I mean .

  3. Proud to be an Misanthrope Proud to be an Misanthrope

    I wonder what Bunty is going to say….I mean remember when Tariq was being racists towards him. Oh yeah,that was okay because he is black and is allowed to get away with it…

  4. Moonlit Monkey Moonlit Monkey

    Holy shit, it's 2017. How does buzzfeed even still exist?

  5. Dog_ _Backwards Dog_ _Backwards

    Just another symmetrically slant eyed butt i accidentally missed.

  6. De NAZI? De NAZI?

    Don't insult Cancer it's done less damage to our society than Buzzfeed.

  7. The Hot Gates The Hot Gates

    White self-hating cucks have one more thing to publicly masturbate over now.

  8. drphillips214 drphillips214

    I feel like most of buzzfeeds videos make a great case for an ethno-state…

  9. Clickbait Turk Armenian Genocide Denier Clickbait Turk Armenian Genocide Denier

    I loves Chris.

  10. Genghis Chuan Genghis Chuan

    First off,, what fags actually go around with handlebar mustaches? Seriously that why a chick would walk away with disgust

  11. ArdRí na hÉireann ArdRí na hÉireann

    Indians are the most racist people on planet Earth. There have been many studies that show this. The Indians of the North once hybridized with ancient Aryan tribes of the Indus Valley and this is why Northern Indians look much more light skinned and Caucasian. They consider themselves to be better and ''closer to the Gods'' than the dark skinned indigenous Indians who generally occupy more Southern regions. This is where the caste system was created, because lighter skinned Indians had bred with Aryans. This is also why the Swastika is seen all over India. Because the the region was once home to an Aryan tribe, who wrote the Vedas, and who the Indians considered Gods because of their advanced medicine and agriculture and high culture. The great ancient Indian culture is not that of Brown Indians we see today, it is but a remnant of much more ancient Blonde Aryan tribe who once lived there, and who have since hybridized with natives, giving rise to the light skinned, Caucasian Indian we see today.


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