1. Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music

    Thank you for all of your kind comments guys. I really do appreciate your support. Please know that more of the guided meditations will be coming, along with more sleep music too! Peace and love to you as always!

  2. iLiek2Skidoo iLiek2Skidoo

    When you cant find any good asmr

  3. Lindsay Star Lindsay Star

    Jason, you mean so much to me. I am so grateful for what you do. The beautiful meditations you make have helped me through so many things in my life. I wish you nothing but the best, my friend. 💕

  4. Brittany Lynn Brittany Lynn

    thanks. I love these.

  5. Makayla Kirkwood Makayla Kirkwood

    Fell asleep like a baby lastnight, always come to your page all the time bc your honestly the only person I can listen too and I've really stuck with you 👌🏽 listening to this one again tonight

  6. Ginger c Ginger c

    Thank you for this blessed meditation Jason!

  7. Brady Marshall Brady Marshall

    Another new great sleep meditation! This must've helped me fall asleep.

  8. LadyJaxiGreek45 Calmingmysoul LadyJaxiGreek45 Calmingmysoul

    YESSSS… point on!!
    FOCUS on the cool air as it enters my nostrils….very warm or hot negative air leaving my nostrils….

  9. LadyJaxiGreek45 Calmingmysoul LadyJaxiGreek45 Calmingmysoul

    Thank You my friend… 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
    I love the elephant …

  10. Sam Girardin Sam Girardin

    I love these meditations so much. They have actually changed my life. You have a wonderful voice, and I can feel your inner peace.
    I cant sleep without these meditations.

  11. Jessica Castro Jessica Castro

    Thanks 🙏

  12. Denyse Drummond-Dunn Denyse Drummond-Dunn

    Thanks for all your great work Jason – I go to sleep with you every night!
    Pity I just found this one today, as I was looking for something last night. My little cat was fighting for her life and I just couldn't get comfortable and sleep. I found one of your previous ones but I know them all by heart as I listen so often.
    She died this morning, luckily peacefully, so will be using this new talk down tonight.
    Thanks Jason for your generosity in sharing this awesome work for free!

  13. Aliccia Black Aliccia Black

    ahhhhhh absolutely beautiful 💜

  14. Lisa Bennett-Crumb Lisa Bennett-Crumb

    Jason you are such a blessing to me. Thank you for being so selfless and kind. God bless you.

  15. Robert Bermudez Robert Bermudez

    thanks for your videos Jason

  16. ∆ Ghost Kids ∆ ∆ Ghost Kids ∆

    thank you jason for another blessing! all the best for you ❤❤

  17. Angela Angel Angela Angel

    Ty again very much for ALL your dedicated time that's helps all of us. And I will see/listen to you tomrw👍👍🙌 GN

  18. Maria Clara L. Maria Clara L.

    it is not that difficult for me to sleep because i've been very tired lately. but your guided meditations make me sleep really well so i can wake up with energy for all my day. thank you for it!

  19. Ali Phillips Ali Phillips

    Thankyou Jason you are amazing 😀


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