CAMUTCD Part 4 Made Easy, San Jose CA

CAMUTCD Part 4 Made Easy, San Jose CA
Event on 2017-10-06 08:30:00
CAMUTCD Part 4 Made Easy  A comprehensive review of Part 4 Highway Traffic Signals of the CAMUTCD. Standards are illustrated with clear visuals to explain the options, supporting research and guidance related to constructing all types of signals. This Part of the CAMUTCD is complex and often hard to interpret. While the latest 2017 updates were not major many minor revisions over the years shakes the confidence of practicing engineers. In addition, many new options in phasing for permissive left, new types of signals, signal warrants for devices were added to the CAMUTCD. A fresh and comprehensive review establishes a new confidence level and improved clarity for designers and plan checkers. This training will benefit engineers, design professionals from both the private and the public sector. The class size and the presentations are designed to encourage participation in a friendly and professional adult learning model. The class materials are presented by instructors with long experience in the field in four modules with exercises to reinforce complete understanding.

at San Jose, CA
200 E. Santa Clara Street
San Jose, United States

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