Can Light Therapy For Autism Truly Help Autistics?

Jean Genet, an autism survivor and neuroscientist, has discovered crystalline structures in the neural pathway which behave like developmental switches. These switches connect the brain to its physical, emotional, mental and speech software.

When the developmental switches are damaged (by checmicals coming from vaccines), Genet believes that this is what creates the symptoms of autism. When these switches are damaged they simply turn off. Thus, they can’t create proper contact between the brain (or computer) and the software that tells the brain how to create speech properly, maintain emotional contact, and even mental focus. Therefore Jean believes this creates autism symptoms.

Jean’s research has shown specific brain wave frequencies the brain utilizes to repair the main developmental switches (seven of them). These switches connect the brain to its software.

Colors Of The Rainbow

Throughout the day, our brains absorb the energy from the sun’s natural light.

These colors – orange, blue, yellow, green, red, violet and indigo – are the seven colors of the rainbow which create sunlight.

Every one of those colors connect to a developmental switch and each will generate certain frequencies to aid in repairing and connecting the switches to its proper software. When the switches are in proper order, the sunlight’s energy forces the switches to stay ON.

But vibrational frequencies in the sun’s natural light are modified. This is due to microwave communications, electromagnetic pollution which is given off by high voltage power lines, and chemical pollution in the air. Therefore, the healing ability of these seven colors are disabled.

A new system called the Seven Spectrum Frequency Lighting System was created by Jean Genet and his team with light engineers. This system allows your brain to absorb the frequency energy of light, and use it to turn ON the developmental switches and repair them.

One can display the Seven Spectrum Frequency Lighting System easily in their children’s play areas, and it is simply just in a small rectangular box.

Genet explains that the lighting system doesn’t need very much room, since it is small enough. You can place it on a table, having the light spread across the room with energy. Your child doesn’t need to be directly looking at it.


Developmental CDs are played to create specific frequencies after your child goes to sleep each evening. These frequenices will repair the developmental switches. At this point your child moves from the autism reality to a proper reality. Here, all occupational, behavioral and speech therapies function. The brain now reconnects to its software, which instructs the brain on how to function within a proper reality – the reality that all therapies function. Also, the brain is instructed on how to develop mental focus, emotional balance and speech.

Healing autism is possible, read more at Jean Genet’s website at Discover if this autism alternative treatment is the right solution for your autistic child today.

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