Can Paruresis Hypnosis Treatment Work?

Paruresis is a common condition that prevents people from using the bathroom at public toilets or unfamiliar locations or when they may be seen or heard. The condition may also be called “shy bladder” and it is common for it to occur while traveling or away from the regular bathroom that you use, although it can strike quite unexpectedly pretty much anywhere.

Paruresis is a condition that appears to be more often experienced by men than women. It usually affects around 8 per cent of the population, which means that millions of people around the United States suffer the embarrassing condition.

The condition is surprisingly common and it may involve people developing anxiety over the situation, which is understandable as it can be quite a worrying thing to happen. They may fret about being in a position where they will have to use a strange bathroom in advance. In fact, sufferers can put their health at risk by avoiding drinking liquids and resisting going to the bathroom by holding on and may even cause bladder and kidney problems.

One of the primary techniques to help someone with paruresis is to train their psyche to be comfortable and confident in advance. This treatment attempts to stop people from basically talking themselves into the condition and having to cope with the anxiety that they experience. As well as the psychological training technique paruresis hypnosis is also often used as an effective technique for treating shy bladder.

Hypnosis can get rid of shy bladder permanently and greatly relieve the amount of anxiety that sufferers go through. In hypnosis the mind is trained to receive the relaxation messages that are needed to allow the urine flow to begin normally.

Paruresis hypnosis can help you to prevent the condition and put a stop to the anxiety that it can cause when you are out of your regular environment.

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