1. Hetzersgonnahetz Hetzersgonnahetz

    Ok can someone tell me if this was me falling into trance or just placebo or falling asleep or something.
    When he was talking after the countdown thing, (I wasnt in trance) I kept feeling a tugging at my eyelids, I thought it was just a itch or something or a distraction to ignore. I finally gave into the tug and i felt something really weird. I felt like I was “falling out of thinking” idk how to describe it others than “zooming out”like on a camera and suddenly I felt like a bomb went off in my chest that spread “tingles” down all throughout my body. This kinda startled me and fell out of that state of mind.
    Can someone tell me if that was being in trance or not?

  2. Kelly_The_Wolf Kelly_The_Wolf

    I do think its sort of impossible for me to go into trance etc. Because when i try i sort of slip away yeah but i do know what will happend and if i will i can just wake up myself and i found that kinda stupid because i really want to go into trance and not what happends now… Can somebody help me please, oh and another question: Is it okay if your watching hypnosis in english while your dutch? xD or should i start trying the dutch hypnosis first than?

  3. Briana Hyppolite Briana Hyppolite

    Take him 4 minutes to start

  4. rosmaria ruben rosmaria ruben


  5. מתן קורין מתן קורין

    You are a very big idiot

  6. Jade Shannon Jade Shannon

    pity about your accent man

  7. MrEthanhines MrEthanhines

    Do you not think that with today's fast paced electronic social media and video games that an induction/deduction of 5 Seconds to trance is a bit small? I personally require at LEAST 20 seconds of count down/up

  8. Gravedigger ?? Gravedigger ??

    the fact that i cant find the trance is really starting to piss me off, i feel his physical suggestions take effect, but when he gives the sleep command they instantly vanish

  9. Chris Tian Chris Tian

    I don’t remember a single thing he said in the video

  10. Euphoria Peak Euphoria Peak

    He says clear your mind but it's just impossible for me. It never works 🙁


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