Cancer cure might be found in malaria vaccine; Breaking cancer’s legs with nanorods – Compilation



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    • avatar Han Solo 1

      the price for malaria vaccines just went up.

      • avatar QuasiBiscuit857 2

        find cures to cancer

        Must wait 14 years for paperwork and trials to be done along with regulations

        • avatar RAIDERS58th 2

          The White House is currently infected with Melanoma.

          • avatar Madison Strawburst 2

            Finally… They finally found a cure….

            • avatar Noah M. 2

              If only these were found 20 years ago, as it's been 11 years since my grandmother's death of Lymphoma…

              • avatar Acid ASMR 1

                The human race is parasitic anyway. We will die out by either killing each other, destroying the entire planet or the eruption of yellowstone

                • avatar Maple Leaf 1

                  There were these team of scientists who went to my school saying leukemia cancer can be cured using HIV/AIDS to attack cancer. We all know my reaction.

                  • avatar cousin time 1

                    What fucking kind of cáncer!

                    • avatar Sandy McCarthy 1

                      +Antichrist, chemo does work, maybe not forever but it works. My wife has leukemia diagnosed in 1996…She still going strong…

                      • avatar G's Realm 1

                        Too bad they'll never use it because they wont make as much money. Either that or the cure will be 6x more expensive than the treatment.

                        • avatar Evan Plays 1

                          Why does cancer gotta exist in the first place

                          • avatar Kraft Thisile 1

                            Yay! Go scientists!! Wonderful people.

                            • avatar CordenOfLewis 1

                              reupload ?

                              • avatar Alex Sierra 1

                                Click bait!!!!

                                • avatar Wiktor Kaszubowski 2

                                  [*] tomo news poland

                                  • avatar Pac Oo 2

                                    Nothing will come of it. It'll be bought and buried.

                                    • avatar philos4r 2

                                      And this discovery will dwindle into obscurity never to be heard of again. like so many promises.

                                      • avatar Akiva Elkin 1

                                        Fantastic, now find a way to get online and we can get rid of Tumblr, cartoon fandom porn, furry porn, and feminazis.

                                        • avatar Chloe Renee 2

                                          Why the fuck do people need to talk about they're first like Damn shut up no one cares