Cardiovascular Exercise Program For You

A cardiovascular exercise program is needed when you are planning to compete in a marathon, sporting event or even if you just want to get yourself in better condition than your current fitness level for personal and health reasons.

When developing a cardiovascular exercise program, you first need to test your current cardiovascular fitness levels, and then you need to devise a plan to slowly increase the intensity and duration of your cardio workouts to increase your fitness performance.

To create your our cardiovascular exercise program, first you will need to test your current level of cardiovascular fitness, there are a few exercise tests that you can perform to calculate this with. It helps if you have a treadmill to use, most gyms will have a treadmill.

If you don’t have a treadmill, go to a track found around football or soccer fields, many schools will have a 1/4 mile track to run around on the weekend. Time how long it takes you to run one mile, take a notebook so you can record your times and progress during your cardiovascular exercise program.

The purpose for keeping track of your times in a cardiovascular exercise program notebook is because as you become more fit you will get faster, and you will be able to run longer distances with less effort.

As you keep track of your workouts you will be able to run a mile in less time and take less rest meaning you are increasing results and performance. You will look back in your notebook and visually see your progress from when you started, it feels good to see.

Now that you know where you stand when it comes to your personal cardiovascular fitness level, you have something to work with. Fitness and performance are based on mathematics and science. This means that mathematically it is possible for anyone to improve his or her cardiovascular exercise fitness wheather you are a beginner or an advanced professional athlete.

You will always increase your results as you lower the amount of rest you get or you increase the amount of reps, weight lifted or distance you ran in a specific amount of time, or you do both, you will always keep progressing. But if you ignore your notebook and progress reports you will have trouble ever improving and you will stop improving in your cardiovascular exercise program.

You should plan to workout at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes to one hour for 4-6 weeks to see good results in your cardiovascular exercise program. Test your current level of fitness and keep track of your progress in a notebook.

Over time reduce the amount of rest you need and increase the amount of work you do in a specific time to increase your results. Mathematically you will always be able to increase you fitness, so go for it.

My namd is Kyle, to find more exercise information and a free Exercise Newsletter go here: Cardiovascular Exercise

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