Carpal Tunnel Relief Helped By Chiropractic Care In Seattle, WA

A Seattle chiropractor is trained to use natural healing methods, that is to say, progressive plans which do not involve the use of drugs or surgery to restore health. A chiropractor will offer non-evasive, safe and effective plans for relief to those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, (CTS). Carpal Tunnel Syndrome arises from entrapment, irritation or inflammation of the nerves traveling to the hand by way of a “tunnel” created by the bone structure in the wrist.

The disorder is most commonly onset when a specific tendon in the wrist swells or becomes irritated due to over-use. Misalignment of the wrist bones, (called carpal bones), due to repetitive and forced movements of the wrist joint may further contribute to a reduction in the size of this “tunnel”. As a result, the nerves there become trapped and irritated causing a number of typical symptoms which can be healed effectively by a chiropractor.

Some signs or indications of CTS would be tingling, or a “pins and needles” feeling in the fingers, and perhaps some numbness or pain extending along the arm as far as the elbow or shoulder. Sometimes these sensations will present by waking a person from their sleep. These symptoms will also present during the waking hours.

Hands and fingers will fatigue over time and may become so weak that handling objects with the thumb and forefinger is rendered impossible. This condition, if left unattended, could possibly deteriorate causing a severely dysfunctional or disabled hand and wrist. Chiropractors assess these conditions and provide progressive plans to recover the area to a state of health.

As part of the healing plan, a chiropractor may apply manipulations to the wrist, the elbow and perhaps even to the upper spine to restore the nerves to a healthy state. Wrist supports are beneficial to stabilize the area and to give it the physical support it needs in order to recover without further irritation. A regime of safe, painless and very effective ultrasound therapy may also be recommended.

Studies have shown that chiropractic care for CTS has achieved an excellent success rate; so much so that, numbers rival those of conservative medical and therapeutic applications. An equal number of CTS suffers have reported a decrease in symptoms and an increase in wellness of the affected wrist and hand when conservative or chiropractic methods were applied. A Seattle chiropractor will help eliminate the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by restoring the area to a healthy state in a pain-free and natural way.

Your Seattle chiropractor can help to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The information is available by visiting the website at .

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