Soy: For Bone, Heart, Breast and Prostate Health Health

Soy: For Bone, Heart, Breast and Prostate Health

Soy is an excellent source of plant-based protein that can benefit those concerned about their heart and bone health, as well as their breast and prostate health. Heart health benefits of soy: A meta-analysis of 38 studies indicates that consuming protein from soy foods is linked to retaining normal cholesterol levels. Another study suggests that soy protein may have antioxidant properties that helps protect bad(LDL) cholesterol from oxidizing. Beyond the potential of soy protein to positively impact the cholesterol that travels through arteries, soy isoflavones may also support the healthy function of the arteries themselves. One study showed that menopausal...
Environment and human health Health

Environment and human health

Environment and human health Human health and well‑being are intimately linked to environmental quality. This has been recognised for decades amongst policymakers in Europe, and most recently appears as a cornerstone in the European Commission's proposal for the 7th Environment Action Programme. This report, produced jointly by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), outlines a number of environmental issues with a direct influence on people's health and well-being and is a follow-up and update to the 2005 EEA/JRC report. More Information . Environment and human health, Environmental issue report No 5/2013, 30 May...
Pre-Existing Conditions And How They Can Affect Your Individual Texas Health Insurance Health

Pre-Existing Conditions And How They Can Affect Your Individual Texas Health Insurance

There are nearly four million Texans with some type of "pre-existing medical condition." Besides having difficulty obtaining health insurance, these Texans may experience other insurance-related problems, including claim denials, higher premiums, cancellations, or refusals to renew their policies.Before issuing a policy, health insurance companies offering individual policies evaluate certain information about you to determine how likely you are to have a claim. This is called "underwriting." For any health policy, a company might consider your age, occupation, current health status and your medical history. If your individual risk factors indicate you are likely to have a claim, the company may...
Health Insurance Options for College Students Health

Health Insurance Options for College Students

By the time graduation caps are tossed into the air, high school students will probably have been accepted to a college, picked a dorm and signed up for their courses. But is their health insurance securely in place?Most parents' employee-sponsored group health insurance plans will cover their children up until they're between 20 to 24 years of age, whether they live at home or away at school. The employer, however, may charge a substantial extra premium to cover the college age student.If you don't have any health insurance as a student, college health plans could be a good solution. College-sponsored...
Health Related Bills Signing Health

Health Related Bills Signing

Health Related Bills Signing Governor Abercrombie signed the following bills: House Bill 2052 (Relating to Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) increases access to Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) by updating references from “physicians orders for life-sustaining treatment” to “provider orders for life-sustaining treatment.” The measure also expands health care provider signatory authority to include advance practice registered nurses and corrects inconsistencies of terms describing who may sign a POLST form on behalf of a patient. House Bill 1616 (Relating to Health Planning) adds to the Hawaii State Planning Act’s objectives and policies for health, the identification of social determinants...
Health Ingredients 2012 Show Floor Health

Health Ingredients 2012 Show Floor

Health Ingredients 2012 Show Floor Health Ingredients Europe 2012 welcomed guests and exhibitors from around the world to Frankfurt, Germany for three days of health ingredient innovations. Featuring over 500 exhibitors, the show provided great variety without ever becoming repetitive. Every corner had plenty of activity, including two seminar theatres and a New Products Zone showcasing all finalists from this years NUW 2012 Excellence Awards. Most stands at the show were of a relatively modest size with the exception of DSM, GNT, Beneo & Nexira, but even these were smaller in scale to those seen at last years Food Ingredients...