Certified Hypnosis Training – Melbourne, Victoria

Certified Hypnosis Training – Melbourne, Victoria
Event on 2017-10-20 10:00:00
Are you passionate about helping other people to succeed? Would you LOVE to help others to take control of their mindset whilst also making an income for yourself? Maybe you are an existing coach, counsellor or NLP Practitioner looking for additional techniques for your toolbox. Or maybe you would like to create a business as a Hypnosis Practitioner in the growing Wellness Industry? Whatever your reason, learning Hypnosis is right at any time.  It is a powerful, yet gentle technique that actually creates lasting changes in clients lives! ==================================================================================== All of us at some stage in life have been unhappy with some aspects of our lives. Maybe as an employee you have seen the affect that workplace stress has had on yourself or your collegues, or as a busy parent you have at times noticed that you are struggling to keep up with the current pace of life. Or maybe you are concerned about hearing that your teen is struggling with their confidence either at school or in a sporting capacity.   Whatever the issue learning and then practising Hypnosis can have a massive impact on your life.  What is Hypnosis? The word Hypnosis actually comes from the Greek Word Hypnos – which means "to sleep" which is a little misleading as during the Hypnotic Process the subject is never actually asleep.  Hypnosis has been around for 1000's of years, infact aspects of Hypnosis can be traced back to India in the 1500's.  In recent years Hypnosis has become a very accepted therapy that can assist clients with a variety of conditions.  Hypnosis works by gently bypassing the critical faculty (the bridge between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind) to allow the unconscious mind to accept positive suggestions to its current pattern of thinking, those suggestions then support the client to make the changes they are looking for in their life.  What will I learn during the Three Day Hypnosis Certification Course? During this three day course you will learn all about: – The Conscious & Unconscious Mind  – how they work and how you can harness them to make effective changes in your life – How to gain rapport with clients – How to establish success with clients (every time) – How to place a client into a light trance – How to deepen the trance – How to support clients with their  – How to interview a client to enable you to create a powerful hypnotic script  – How to use hypnotic language and patterns with clients when they are in trance and how to bring them out of the trance Once I have finished the training – what next? Following this training you will be able to support your clients in their quest for: Smoking Cessation Weight Loss/Healthy Eating Stress Management Performance Enhancement Confidence and Self-Esteem Plus much more.  This course provides detailed and practical information that will enable you to practise Hypnosis as soon as you leave the course (after the final assessment & exam).  The course provides existing coaches/counsellors with additional techniques that can support their existing practices. It also provides the opportunity for students who are new to the wellbeing industry to start their own business as a Hypnosis Practitioner.  This course is recognised by the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, The American Hypnotherapy Association and the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. Insurance is available through the IICT.  BONUS: We also teach you basic Self-Hypnosis & Basic Bio-Feedback Mechanisms Why should you choose Su Jardine – Coaching & Training? One of our core values is QUALITY and our top priority is ensuring that each and every student feels supported and valued. Our Mission is to support women to take control of their futures by assisting them to create a bullet-proof mindset that enables them to grow both as an individual and as a practitioner. Being a boutique training organisation our classes are intimate – with no more than 12 students in attendance at any one time.  This small number ensures that there is plenty of opportunity for you to gain practical hands-on experience and support from your trainer.  What our students say about the Three Day Hypnosis Course "I would recommend Su's Hypnosis Training course to anyone who wants to become a Hypnosis Practitioner or enhance the coaching business that they have. The content was fabulous,  Su was amazing , the explainations were great and this course will definitely enhance my coaching practice. This course has given me so much more than I ever thought it would. I highly recommend any course that Su provides"                                                                                                                             – ANN KING – Life Coach "I have just finished the 3 day Hypnosis  Training with Su. The most fun part was the pendulm. I enjoyed learning about how the mind learns and makes changes; and for me it is really exciting to know that you can make changes at such a deep level. I am really excited to start practising Hypnosis"                                                                           – CLAIRE GALLAHER – Mental Health Support Worker "This is the 2nd course that I have taken with Su. Today I did my hypnosis training and earlier this year I finished my NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Training. Su is a fantastic trainer, you feel loved, cared for and supported with your studies. Su explains things really perfectly. I have left both courses with practical knowledge that will allow me to start supporting people straight away. So if you are looking for somewhere to learn Hypnosis or NLP – Su is the person you want to speak to"      – KATE BRIERLEY – NLP Practitioner "I have just finished my 3 day hypnosis training with Su Jardine and I have to say that the information was fantastic, the course content was brilliant and the practical aspects were fantastic as well. I am super confident in going out and working with my clients using Hypnosis"                                                                                                                 – KERRYN SLATER – Psychic Medium, Reiki Master "The best thing I got out of doing this weekend course with Su was walking away feeling confident in my ability to use  Hypnosis on clients and with family. So thank you so much Su"                              – KIM HEALEY – MEDICAL INTUITIVE What to do next Our places fill up really fast and the classes are limited to just 12 participants.  Learning Hypnosis will provide you with either a great start to your new business or increase the skills you already have. You just need to TAKE ACTION and book your place, and we will take care of the rest.  I  look forward to seeing you there – Fri 20th October – Sun 22nd October 2017 The Venue:  Mornington – more details at time of booking! With love Su Jardine FAQs How can I contact the organiser with any questions? You can contact Su Jardine – Coaching & Training via: Telephone: 0423 163 843 Email: What is the refund policy? Please consider your purchase carefully as this event does not offer refunds.    What other services does Su Jardine – Coaching & Training Offer? Su Jardine – Coaching & Training provides the following services:  – Life Coaching (Coaching Packages Available)  – Small Business Coaching (Coaching Packages Available)  – NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner Training  – NLP Coaching Training (on-line)   – Hypnosis Training  – Communication & Rapport Workshops  – Speaking Events    

at Mornington, Victoria

Mornington, Australia

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