Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) – West Des Moines, IA

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) - West Des Moines, IA
Event on 2017-08-02 08:30:00
Welcome to Certified Scrum Master Training Certified Scrum Trainer, Lonnie Weaver-Johnson, delivers a dynamic course filled with practical exercises and real world examples. Experienced Scrum practitioners will walk away with ideas for improving their Scrum practices and students brand new to Scrum will have a solid understanding of how to get started.    Learning Objectives Agile The Agile Manifesto and principle Scrum and Agile; what’s the difference? Scrum The history and framework The five values The 5 Values of Scrum Learn their meaning Why they are important How to apply them When to use Scrum Empirical Process and how it works What environments and projects are best suited for Scrum The Scrum framework How it works How to begin Scrum roles and responsibilities The Team – what does it mean to be self-organized The Product Owner – who is best suited for this role and how they direct the team The ScrumMaster –who should play this role of the servant leader The role of the Stakeholders with a Scrum project The Sprints The purpose for Sprints Sprint lengths Sprint Success The Scrum Ceremonies / Meetings Learn the duration, purpose, and invitees, for each meeting The Sprint Planning Meeting (part 1 and part 2) The value and purpose of a Daily Scrum Sprint Review (or Demo); how it is conducted and the benefit Sprint Retrospective; the meeting that will take the team to the next level The Scrum Artifacts/Documents The Product Backlog and who owns it The Sprint Backlog and how it differs from the Product Backlog Burn down and Burn up charts and the story they tell “Other” Agile meetings and practices to help ensure success with Scrum Vision statements, Road mapping, and Release Planning Product Backlog Items / User Stories Estimating / Sizing the work Students will find that the instructors training skills combined with her coaching experiences make the class engaging and informational. The course also appeals to different types of adult learning styles. As such, courses are taught with a combination of hands on activities, lecture, worksheets, and games that teach the concepts. In addition, the Certified Scrum Trainer shares many interesting Scrum stories (both successes and failures) so the class can learn from real world experiences. This class is taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), who has been certified through the Scrum Alliance. As such, students attending this class will become Certified Product Owners as a result of their participation in this class.     Who Should Attend Anyone who is interested in learning more about Scrum or wants to make Scrum work better for their Team or organization is encouraged to attend. While the focus of the class is for people who want to learn how to leverage the Scrum framework to bring about change, any member of the Team or the organization who is interested in how to use Scrum would find this class useful. Typical Product Owner Class attendees include product development personnel, business analysts, business leaders, functional managers, and other people in the role of creating and writing user stories and those who lead them. Refunds: Refunds can be requested at least 10 business days prior to the event start date; from then on attendees are subject to the full registration cost. Substitutions are welcome at any time before the start of the event. Registrants who fail to attend are subject to the full registration cost, but can transfer to another class after paying a 0 processing fee. To obtain cancellation approval or substitute a registration, please call us at 651-343-8087.

at Staybridge Suites
6905 Lake Drive
Des Moines, United States



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