Chakra Meditation For Everyone!

Meditation is considered as a powerful form of self-realization and self-healing. There are various methods by which you can meditate, but perhaps, the most potent of all is the Chakra Meditation.

Chakra Meditation ” Basics

Chakra Meditation is the art of balancing and energizing all the seven energy centers in the body, called Chakras, in order to align the flow of energy through them. Heres a brief description of these seven energy centers, or the Chakras:

1. Crown Chakra is situated at the top of the head. It is related to the thought element, which governs our wisdom, knowledge, and consciousness.

2. Orange Chakra governing your emotions and sexuality is located at the center of abdomen and related to the element Water.

3. Solar Plexus or Power Chakra located just above the naval region and related to the element Fire. It governs our will power, autonomy, and metabolism.

4. Heart Chakra is situated right at the center of the chest. It is related to the Air element, which governs our feelings of love, compassion, and general relationships.

5. Throat Chakra governing your sense of creativity, resonance and communication skills is located at the base of the throat and related to the element Sound.

6. Brow or The Third Eye Chakra located between the brows on the forehead and related to the element Light. It governs perception, interpretation, imagination, and clear vision.

7. Crown Chakra governing your wisdom and knowledge is located at the top of the head and related to the element thought.

By concentrating and synchronizing these vital energy centers, one can achieve a calming influence on the mind resulting in stress-free existence and a contented life. Chakra Meditation also helps in naturally healing any ailment related to these 7 vital energy centers.

Chakra Meditation ” The Process

Chakra Meditation involves three techniques in this order:

1. Grounding Technique refers to the process whereby, your body feels connected with Earth. The visualization involves assuming a root growing from your body and entering into the Earth, thus, transfixing your body to the ground. With some intense focus and determination, you can achieve this state of Chakra Meditation.

2. Centering Technique. This technique is vital as it prepares your body to receive the benefits of Chakra Meditation. Again, the application of this technique is not too difficult. Just take 4-5 deep breaths and feel every body part from head to toe getting relaxed. This process involves tightening and relaxing each body part from toe, and then visualizing the act of a potter who centers a pot on the pottery wheel.

3. Relaxation Technique, which is the final step in Chakra Meditation. There is no hard and fast rule to relax your body. Everyone has his or her own method of relaxation.

Here is one of the most common methods of performing Chakra Meditation:

a) Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

b) Every stress-causing factor should be addressed and effort should be made to reduce or eliminate the stress as far as possible. Start with loosening the clothing you are wearing. Identify other similar straining factors and eliminate them. And finally, close your eyes.

c) Breathe in a relaxed manner, which should be neither too fast nor too slow. The idea is to give up the control on your breath, and let it flow naturally, but healthily.

d) Feel every part of your body from toe to the crown in that direction. Feel the earth you are lying on or the sofa you are seated on, feel the clothes you are wearing. Feel completely present with yourself and relaxed.

e) You may experience a wave of thoughts, fears, and every kind of emotion during this process. Dont avoid them! This represents the release of stress-related thoughts. With practice and regular exercise, these negative emotions and feelings will disappear.

f) Let you spirit roam in every part of your body. This is the feeling of completeness youve been yearning for.

Chakra Meditation can be performed by anyone at convenient hours. There is no rule for the duration of time to perform Chakra Meditation. Suit your comfort levels!

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