Change The Narrative – Full Workshop

Change The Narrative - Full Workshop
Event on 2017-07-29 11:00:00
When it comes to setting goals most of us are excellent at doing so. When it comes to knowing the correct answers, that we also know. We are well studied and like most people, you own two shelves of the latest and greatest books on personal development, management strategies, and you may even attend weekend-long seminars. So, why then would you still fumble? What is it that really stands between you and your goals? Even the seemingly silly or easy goals. Maybe your goal is to complete that novel that you began writing several years ago. Or maybe your goals is to be a better parent, increase your business revenue by 15% this quarter, or maybe your goal is to become a better leader within your community. Whatever your goal may be, Change the Narrative can help you in discover and identify your particular fumble, and help you with achieving your goals. Change The Narrative can be a real game changer if show up ready and open. This is the final talk + workshop culminating the Change the Narrative Tour. Be sure to purchase your ticket in advance to ensure your attendance.  *Please dress comfortably.* You will be served Tea, coffee, filtered, and lunch is included. What are people saying about Nick Suell... (during the tour) "Provocative, challenging, and insightful" are just a few words used to describe new social awareness experience, #Changethenarrative tour developed by strategist and social engineer, Nick Suell. "Nick has the right message for the right people at at the right time." -Scott B., USA Today (May 2017) "We really enjoyed Nick's talk. It was moving." Brian P., The Madison Square Garden Group (May 2017) "Wow! We were really impressed with Nick. Moving, insightful, and just real. Impressive." Writ T., Virginia Tourism Corporation   PAST TOUR DATES You can catch Change the Narrative March 2017 - June 2017 in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Boston with pending dates in Miami, New Orleans, London, and Singapore. PAST TOUR DATES March 16  -  Wework Gas Tower  -  Los Angeles, CA  -  RSVPMarch 21  -  Wework Culver City  -  Culver City, CA  -  RSVPMarch 28  -  Wework Pasadena  -  Pasadena, CA  -  RSVPApril 6  -  Crenshaw High School  -  Los Angeles, CA  -  Private EventApril 13 - Wework Santa Monica  -  Santa Monica, CA  -  RSVPApril 19 - Wework Manhattan Towers  -  Manhattan Beach, CA  - RSVPApril 25  -  UCLA (Anderson School of Business)  -  Private EventApril 26   -   Wework Fine Arts  - Los Angeles, CA  -  RSVPMay 2  -      Wework Playa Vista  -  Playa Vista, CA - RSVPMay 9  -  Wework Long Beach  -  Long Beach, CA  -  RSVPMay 18 - New York Times - LGBT Week NYC - New York, NY  -  RSVP**May 23   -   Wework Chelsea  -  New York, NY  -  RSVP**May 24   -   Wework Fort Point  -  Boston, MA  -  RSVP**May 25   -   Wework Mass Ave  -  Boston, MA  -  RSVP**June 1   -   Wework Hollywood  -  Los Angeles, CA  -  RSVPJune 15   -  Wework  Grant Park  -  Chicago, IL  -  RSVPJune 20   -  Wework  River North  -  Chicago, IL  -  RSVP**June 28   -  Wework Gas Tower  -  Los Angeles, CA  -  TBA *Additional dates to be announced (TBA)**new date recently added What are people saying about Nick Suell... (prior to start of the tour) "Nick Suell leads the audience with creatively thought provoking discussion. In today's social climate of abstraction, Nick presents a path of hope, resolution forward thinking to all who attend.                                                               -Ann S., Entrepreneur (USA) "Nick is an entrepreneur ready to disrupt! A leader ready to share insightful advice."  -Deborah G., Entrepreneur (Austraila)  "Nick has all the components of a great community builder- gregarious, open, and passionate by nature."   -Gina P., Lawyer (USA) "Relatability, clarity, and value are big traits to come by and I found them all with my time with Nick. Nick has opened my eyes in an irreversible way about how to build my vision." -Alex Q., Entrepreneur (USA)

at Gas Company LA GasCompany_LA
555 W Fifth Street
Los Angeles, United States



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