Children’s Art Therapy Session [Christmas Special]

Children's Art Therapy Session [Christmas Special]
Event on 2017-11-18 10:00:00
Children's Art Therapy Session [Christmas Special 1 of 2] provided by Clare from Which Craft £3 per session, payable on the day. Refreshments provided. Art Therapy is usually a very effective way of working with children who may be going through a difficult time. This may be due to specific changes in the child’s life, for example, divorce, bereavement, trauma, bullying, arrival of a new sibling etc or due to every day struggles such as anxiety. What may be difficult to put into words, or even unknown in spoken language, can be expressed through the artwork or sandtray.

at Autism Inclusive
Unit 8, Brierley Business Centre , Mirion Street
Crewe, United Kingdom



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