Chouzumeya Sausage Shop

Chouzumeya Sausage Shop
Acid Reflux
This shop does handmade, German-style sausages. Inside, it looks EXACTLY like a German deli, and their sausages have even won some awards at German sausage contests. I had a black-pepper and garlic sausage, their most popular. It was made that day, and it was delicious. I washed it down with a local microbrew (Shonan Brewery’s Bitter), which was also quite nice.

The name of this store, however, leaves something to be desired.

The name is Chouzumeya (腸詰屋), which breaks down like this:

chou = intestine

zume (compound form of tsume) = to pack

ya = store

–The intestine-packing-store.

Well, at least there’s truth in advertising.

Anyway, it was packed like this all day, and for good reason. However, this is where the trouble started.

I have had a lot of acid reflux problems since moving and starting this new job. Little stresses like that tend to set it off, and I’ve been taking Zantac after every meal again. I had one after my lunch of sad little fishies, but it didn’t seem to take, and after the sausage and beer, I started to get a little pain…

BTW, the Zantac was expired, but I was too cheap to switch to the current stuff. I don’t think it was doing anything. I’ve thrown it away and switched to the new bottle we brought in from the US.

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