Christian Meditation – Could it Be Right For You?

Meditation is something that most everyone is familiar with, derived from the Latin word meditare which means to study or believe. However, not everyone is familiar with Christian meditation. There are many different meditation techniques and many of them are personalized, to meet the separate needs of the indvidual, or has been adapted by a person to maximize the effect for that individual. Christian meditation is no different than any other form of this relaxing practice. We will take a look at what Christian meditation is, why one might practice this and how it can be done.

There are a wide variety of benefits that come from any form of meditation. One of the biggest reasons is that it creates a feeling of relaxation that is almost impossible to attain in any other way. Some people claim to feel a sense of peace and happiness upon completion of their session. Others believe it opens a door that allows them to be more compassionate toward other people. Aside from the vast emotional benefits, there are many health benefits as well. These include but are not limited to improved memory, critical thinking, attention and decision making. There are also many benefits to the body as well such as a stronger immune system and a better cardiovascular system. There have been many studies that prove all of the above to be true. The health benefits alone prompt many people to try this all natural way toward a healthier life.

So what is Christian meditation? It is in fact no different than any other form of meditation except that it is based on the belief in Jesus Christ. When meditating, a person will repeat a phrase that is important to them or a question that they are dwelling on. In Christian Meditation, a person will repeat a phrase or a passage from the bible to help them meditate on a problem they may be trying to find an answer for. Some people are against this practice because it has ties to many other religions that they do not agree with. Others see the benefits that come from meditation and understand the power it unleashes in one's mind, body and soul.

Christian meditation is a very simple practice, but unfortunately many people do not practice meditation because they are under false beliefs that you have to be a certain kind of person to achieve the relaxed state that is strived for. This is not only untrue it is unfortunate because meditation can be a great natural way for someone to solve a problem in their life that is causing them extreme stress. You do not need anything special to meditate; all that is needed is a quiet comfortable spot where you will not be distracted by people or material things. Some people chose to sit in a chair while others chose to sit cross legged on the floor. Lay your hands in your lap and focus on breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Silently repeat the mantra that is personal to you or your problem at the moment. While repeating this phrase, word or saying try to concentrate on your breathing while pushing all other thoughts from your mind. There is no wrong way to do this and if at first you do not feel as though you achieved what you set out to achieve, try again tomorrow! You will eventually get it!

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