Christian Meditation & Prayer: Dealing with Anxiety & Overcoming It

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    • avatar Imtubin 1

      I really needed this

      • avatar TheDOMINANCE 2

        God will always love you Brook Hyson. And if the devil attacks your thoughts, it is because he fears you drawing closer to God. I will pray for you. Repeat 'I am covered by the blood of the lamb'.

        • avatar SummersPep 1

          Abide, I couldn't praise God Almighty more for you!!

          • avatar Brooke Hyson 1

            So helpful , please pray for me because the devil keeps attacking my mind with awful thoughts about God and Jesus and just in general and I get scared because I don’t want God to be mad at me or not love me anymore

            • avatar vinc maf 0

              Thank Lord Jesus Amen

              • avatar Bradley Cruise 1

                thankyou soso much for yr prayers

                • avatar Michele Vega 1

                  Thank you Heavenly Father Jehovah God and Lord Jesus Christ I receive this wonderful Blessing Amen

                  • avatar Simone Bennett 1

                    My fear never make something out of my self and achieve something in my fail, have being a failure all my life need to succee in Christ Jesus need to be a good servant of god

                    • avatar tunerguy 77 1

                      This was very timely!