Chronic Back Pain – Relief Is At Hand

Ever felt a little twinge in your back but ignored it only to wake up the next day with a stiff and sore back? Remember how it took weeks to get back to normal? Maybe it was the time when you over stretched to lift that box or took a tackle from behind playing football with your friends in the park and took you weeks to get rid of the pain. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, as your pain cannot even compare to someone suffering from chronic back pain. The root of this pain is often difficult to locate meaning that it usually takes a while for it to be properly diagnosed and treated. However people suffering from chronic back pain should not despair, as there are certain things that will help relieve the pain.

Which back pain do you have

Getting a proper diagnosis on chronic back pain is very hard at best. However, it can usually be related to one of two factors. It is very important to determine the type of back pain that you might have as each has to be treated differently.

The main difference is that one can nearly always be traced back to problems within the spine and the source of the other cannot usually be found. While the second scenario is nearly impossible to cure, the first is nearly always related to spinal discs disease or spinal stenosis. With chronic back pain being a condition of such complexity, it is no wonder that more often that not the cause remains well hidden.

A life with constant discomfort.

The really bad side of chronic back pain is that it is long lasting and that you can never really be cured. To fit in the "chronic" category, back pain has to last for at least six months without a break. The pain never really goes away and when you least expect it, it re-surfaces again even after months of no apparent pain at all. This re-occurrence is mostly very unpredictable with the pain level fluctuating from person to person.

A Doctor's Diagnosis

Chronic back pain by its nature is very difficult to be diagnosed accurately. This is also complicated as people's perception of the source of the pain differ greatly. This fact cannot really be helped, as the symptoms and pain tolerance, also tend to vary from individual to individual.

It is very important to pinpoint the cause of the pain before any treatment can be prescribed and when your local or family doctor requests from you the location of the pain, you must try to be as accurate as possible. You can usually feel chronic back pain in the lower back region and even sometimes through the upper legs and buttocks. Your doctor will also ask you to rate the pain and again, you accuracy is paramount.

The answers to all these questions will all help you receive proper treatment and hopefully be back pain free sooner rather than later.

Start the process.

It is usually best to deal with chronic back pain as soon as you possibly can. Nipping it in the bud will help you live pain free life.

Chronic back pain is often very hard to diagnose with sufferers having to endure the pain for a long time before proper treatment can be prescribed. Read how chronic back pain can normally be attibuted to two main factors at


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