Circadian Meditation Curbs Nicotine Cravings

Circadian meditation can be used to curb bad habits like smoking, overeating, and other addictive behavior. If you have bad habits that bother you and you can’t seem to quit by using conventional methods, you might try circadian meditation. Circadian meditation can get you in touch with the feelings that are preventing you from succeeding at the self-improvement efforts you are trying to make. Circadian meditation is challenging, but it is worth mastering if you really want to make significant changes in your life.

Addictive behavior is tough to overcome. Besides the physical cravings for nicotine and food, there are also emotional attachments as well. Part of the problem of sorting out why you are addicted to any substance is usually more complicated than just kicking the habit. You have to sort out your physical needs as well as your emotional ones.

This is where typical products like nicotine gums and diet pills fail. This is because these methods only really address the physical problem of addiction. Even though counseling may give you some methods to deal with your emotional issues, it still may not be enough to get to the root of the problem. To truly get in touch with why you are addicted to some kinds of behavior, you need to get in touch with your mind, body, and soul.

How Circadian Meditation Works

Circadian meditation is a way to get in touch with your natural biorhythms in order to reprogram them. The word ‘circadian’ refers to the natural twenty-four hour body clock that everyone has. This clock regulates many basic things like hunger and sleep.

Biorhythms also monitor your addictions. So if you are missing something from your daily routine like smoking or excessive food, your biorhythms or internal clock will let you know. In fact, they won’t stop nagging at you until you satisfy the cravings or tell them that you no longer want to overeat or smoke – but how do you do this?

You can do this through circadian meditation. Simply put, circadian meditation is the practice of getting in touch with your internal clock and resetting it. This lets you the get rid of the habits that you otherwise just can’t seem to shake.

Circadian meditation is a little more advanced than other forms of meditation. This is why you might be searching around the internet for exactly what it means and can’t find a definitive answer. Circadian meditation can best be understood in terms of Zen meditation. The object of this kind of meditation is to stay in the present moment.

So you will focus on thoughts like ‘my nose is itching’ or ‘I feel uncomfortable in this position.’ When you master this kind of meditation, you will eventually be able to get in touch with the biorhythms that make you sleepy, hungry, or want a cigarette. Then you can communicate that you no longer desire this behavior to continue.

By figuring out how to program your internal clock, you can literally reset it, or in the case of addictions, get rid of obsessive behavior for good. This is where guided meditation can help, because there are specific meditations formulated for quitting smoking and losing weight.

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