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    • avatar Bum Digity 1

      What a very good and education video. I have FAP…stage IV colon cancer bc I was not aware of my FAP until after an out of control polyp became cancer. This broke it down really well :) Thanks!

      • avatar sakeena hadi 1

        Good job 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

        • avatar Hitesh Kumar 1

          well done… appreciable effort in medicine..

          • avatar Hitesh Kumar 1

            well done… appreciable effort in medicine..

            • avatar Joanne Sabra 0

              Can ya'll make a colorectal CA video please??

              • avatar AngelTanque Gonzalez 1

                Thank you very much for the information

                • avatar Binit Regmi 0

                  How how can i be the part of osmosis. I want to help in your great task of simplifying the medical studies through videos.

                  • avatar Nicole Moricet 0

                    Hi, this is great. I am a medical student in Argentina and this way of explaining the pathophysiology and the symptoms is incredible. Super according to the level we handle here.



                    • avatar Amit Singh 2

                      thank u very nice video

                      • avatar MTP19 1

                        Right colon bleeds causing anemia, left colon obstructs

                        • avatar Tariq P 1

                          nice vid. Although K-ras = Oncogene

                          • avatar Nesi Bahar 1

                            how come you guys dont have millions of subs? this is exactly what every med student need!

                            • avatar Andro Youakim 0

                              you are awesome :D
                              that part of eating vegetables mom serves though… well okay I will do it just for you not to prevent polyps

                              • avatar Suman Dutta 1

                                all your videos are amazing…..

                                • avatar Suman Dutta 1

                                  amazong work guys …..keep up that hard work……you will reach the goal that you have set in your mind…..

                                  • avatar jsyoo7 1

                                    minor clarification: the right side of the colon usually bleeds whereas the left side obstructs. in the video you have it the opposite way

                                    • avatar mechanic1756 2

                                      Very good  genetic explanation of serrated polyps . Thank you  .There  are new guidelines   repeat  colonoscopy time for these polyps like 3 -5-10 yrs time.  based on pathology and dimensions above or below 10 mm .