Common Lasik Vision Surgery Side Effects

Every medical process is going to involve some sort of risk, but still, lasik vision surgery is about as safe as they come. This is one of many reasons for it’s popularity across the country. It’s also extremely quick, has a quick recovery time and is painless for most people. Most of the time patients end up with perfect vision after one process. In a few cases a doctor may have to go back and peform a follow-up enhancement operation.

This all sounds good, but don’t go into this without consulting a doctor on all of the possible side effects. Without a doubt, they’re going to give you the most current and accurate risk assessment for you. They’re very interested in doing business with you, but not without you being fully aware of what’s happening. These are some of the items your doctor may cover with you in your pre-surgery consultation.

Over-Correction or Under-Correction – A follow-up surgery may be needed if the initial procedure results in too strong or too weak of a correction.

Dry Eyes – One of the most common symptoms. Don’t be alarmed if you have dry eyes for 3 to 6 months after surgery. The best option is to use some sort of lubricating eye drops.

Eye Sensitivity – This is usually a sensitivity to strong glares. Even though these symptoms may go away with time, you should let your doctor know.

Blurry Vision – If you start to experience blurry vision, let your doctor know right away. It’s not something you need to be alarmed with as it will usually go away in time.

Infected Eye – Any sort of contamination can lead to an eye infection, so make sure you keep your eyes clean and follow your doctors instructions. If you do end up with an infection, expect to take some antibiotics and it should clear up.

Surface Scars – If your infection isn’t treated right away, it may result in some level of surface scaring. This is typically correctable with a follow up procedure.

Thin Cornea – With lasik vision, doctors figure there will be some degree of thinning of the cornea and they figure this into the procedure. The chance of this happening to you is about 1 in 10,000.

I’ll say it again, lasik vision correction is extremely safe and well refined. It’s still extremely important for you to get a full consultation with your doctor before moving on with surgery. Once you’re comfortable with your doctor and any associated risks with the procedure, move forward with confidence.

Michael Spector writes about lasik vision correction surgery including how safe is lasik surgery.

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