Common Symptoms Of Eye Strain

The eyes like any part of the body are easy to strain if they are over used. If you are digging a ditch for instance your muscles would begin to ache, you would be short of breath and you might start sweating. This would prompt a break where you may have a cold drink and rest up the aching body. However because we rely on the eyes so much and effectively take our sight for granted. We rarely think that our eyes could get strained or heed the tell tale signs that indicate they need a break. This article will discuss common symptoms of eye strain, why they occur and what to do about them.

Red eyes are one of the more common signs that the eye is tired. This may be one or both of a redness in the whites of the eye or on the edge of the eyelids.

If your eyes are watering or tearing then this could also indicate eye strain. It is possibly a reaction to dry eyes that is another indication that the eyes are tired.

Finding it difficult to adjust your vision to another focal point is a sign of strain. This is obvious when you have been concentrating on one object for an extended period and then look at another object in the distance. You will notice that it takes longer than normal to get a clear view of the distant object, a clear sign of eye strain.

Being more sensitive to glare. This may be more apparent in the late afternoon or early evening when the sun tends to be lower in the sky. Vision will be blurred or your sense of depth perception may be impaired. Yet again another symptom of eyestrain.

Other common symptoms include swelling. The eyeball might feel stiff when moving in the socket. Burning is another common form of eye strain that may cause you to go to the bathroom to wash the eyes with cold water in an effort to relieve the sensation. Headaches are often a symptom of some problem in a part of the body and this includes the eyes too.

In most of these cases other problems unrelated to the eyes might be the cause of these symptoms. Therefore do some of these things to avoid eye strain. Make sure to rest your eyes adequately, remember that they are as prone to fatigue as any other part of your body. Get a good nights sleep and take a break from staring at one object for any length of time. If you think that your eyes are not strained but you still experience these symptoms then you should see a doctor or optician.

Probably the most common reason people get eye strain is because they concentrate on one object or focal point to too long a period. And the computer screen is the one object that many people spend too much time staring at. It is very simple to avoid computer eye strain by looking away from your computer every 20 minutes of so.

This should be a conscious act that you do regularly so that it becomes a habit rather than something that you have to think about. Shift your focal point so that your eye has to make a big adjustment, look at some point in the distance. Focus on that object for a minute or so. Then look a other objects at various focal points.

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