Conscious Speed Dating

Conscious Speed Dating
Event on 2017-08-17 19:30:00
Forget everything that you think you know about speed dating. You are invited to move past the idea of superficial attraction and take a mindful approach to meeting and connecting with others, from the heart, in a fun, playful way. Is Conscious Speed Dating for me? Conscious Speed Dating is open to all genders and sexualities and it's not just for singles. Whatever your relationship status, come and spend a wonderful evening in this space of togetherness, connection and love. We welcome those looking for romance but we also very much welcome people hoping to make new friends or develop their interpersonal skills. Everyone is welcome! What can I expect from the night? You will be gently guided towards meeting and interacting with the other people in the room. If there is someone that you feel a sense of connection with then by the end of the evening you will have been given opportunity to express and explore that, via exercises that aim to make doing so feel comfortable and natural. The workshop will last for two hours and will draw on aspects of meditation, dance, tantra and mindfulness. No experience is required and you are free to opt out, at any time, of anything that you do not wish to participate in. Time will be set aside afterwards for you to chat and mingle with the group. Our beautiful venue, The Wonder Inn, also has a bar area, which you are welcome to stay and spend time in once the event disperses. The session will be led by mindfulness specialist Dave Spencer, assisted by fellow facilitator Gillian Torres. Dave has years of experience as a mindfulness professional. In business, in education, at public engagements and even at the odd festival, you will find Dave spreading his magical techniques for mindful living and heartful connection. He has run Conscious Speed Dating at a number of festivals already this summer, to rave reviews. Last experienced in the Spanish desert, where loving connection was created between a group of 60 sunburned hippies at Nowhere Festival, Conscious Speed Dating now arrives in Manchester! Join us for a great night out and to experience the event that people have already described as 'life changing'. How do I sign up? Investment: £19 plus booking fee (concession rate of £14 available for those who are currently low/un waged). Space is limited, so advance booking is required. Dave is currently out of the country. If you have questions please message Gillian Torres, who will be assisting on the night: / 07764 487 284.

at The Wonder Inn
29 Shudehill
Manchester, United Kingdom



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