Contact Lenses Are Used To Correct Vision Problems

Contact lenses are a great alternative for people who simply cannot adjust to wearing eyeglasses. Everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes. For some people, other than the occasional wearing of sunglasses, they simply do not like them. They find them uncomfortable and cumbersome. Contacts provide another option for these people. There are still a few that will run into difficulty wearing them, but they are few and far between.

When wearing contacts they rest on the cornea over a supply of tears. The pressure from the eyelid is what holds it in place. Each time the wearer blinks a small amount of pressure is exerted on the lens allowing it to move. This exertion in turn will allow the tears to gently wash away any debris that may have gotten in your eye.

Knowing how they stay in the eye has nothing to do with how they correct vision. At one time people who could not wear contacts due to certain vision problems can now wear them without difficulty. Whether your problem is far or nearsightedness, presbyopia, or astigmatism, there are lenses just for you.

People who suffer from poor vision problems do so because their retinas cannot focus light properly. A malfunctioning retina, or the one that cannot filter light properly, is what causes vision to be blurry and imperfect. Depending on your vision problem your eye doctor will order a prescription that will guarantee a perfect fit.

If you happen to have an astigmatism your cornea will need to be measured for a precision fit. When properly fitted this type of eye wear will draw light to the proper place on the cornea which is responsible for correcting vision. And to think it was not that long ago that people suffering from astigmatism could not wear this kind of corrective eye wear at all.

For myopia, or nearsightedness, people will wear lenses that are thin in the middle but thicker around the edges. Thus, light rays are correctly processed by the retina. Those who have a problem with farsightedness would have a lens that is made directly opposite with the result being the same. Vision will be corrected. And so it goes with whatever eye problem you suffer from.

There are some who do not need corrective vision but wish to wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. Surprisingly, even these people will require a doctors prescription. You may be able to get along without one for that one time occasion, but if you plan on wearing them for extended periods of time, get a proper prescription.

Even when a person has good vision, the surface of the eye can be different. Without knowing the shape of the surface of the eye, contact lenses can easily cause damage to your eyes. The only reason these are worn is because the wearer wishes to change the color of his or her eyes. They come in many colors and can give the eye dramatic looking results. Whether purchasing your contacts locally or over the net, visit with your eye doctor first and make sure you are getting a good fit.

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