Creating Joy

Creating Joy
Event on 2017-08-25 14:00:00
An affordable retreat!! In a beautiful 60 acre woodland!!What JOY!!We (Andrea and Gerry) are very excited to present Creating Joy. Not surprisingly, Following the Joy is about bringing more joy into the world and into your life by creating events, retreats and most of all memories and skills to keep that joy alive long after.Creating Joy is a retreat/minifest in a 60 acre woodland (woo hoo). In this glorious setting you will set up your weekend camp amonst the trees participate in activities that stimulate your creative juices, engage you with your higher self, meet beautiful like minded people and bring joy to your soul. So, what will we be doing?Creating joy through crafting- jewellery making, pebble art, dreamcatchers, felt making, expressive art. Creating joy through connecting with the higher self - morning meditations and an introdution to meditation in various forms, talk about working with angels and the joy of the angelic realm.Creating joy through expression- dance, laughter yoga, mindful creative writing and performance poetry workshops( maybe you'll bring it to the open mic -what fun!) Creating joy through healing - soul retrieval workshop, healing area with angelic reiki. There is also an a group healing session with Archangel Raphael - who is very excited about this event btw.Creating joy through community and performance -In the evening we will have campfire songs and stories, some open mic and professional musicians - the lovely Joe from Peur will be performing and John Brindley with his blazing fiddle. We encourage you to bring your joy to the open mic session - a song, poem, piece of writing, dance or drama. It's all about Joy, not how polished you are but how much you will enjoy doing it - as will we! Gerry and I will be doing something so we have no room to talk, lol, as will the crew.We expect it to be a chilled out affair with the emphasis on the workshops and evening gatherings to relax in community, singing together, laughing together and making new friends. Tickets are just £80 for the weekend plus £18 for camping - that's a 3 night bank holiday weekend retreat for less than £100! Yes, it's not a misprint! This includes all events advertised, including materials apart from the 1-1 healing sessions which are subsidised by Following the Joy at a charge of only £8 for 30 mins, £12 for 45mins and £16 for 60 mins! Bargain!!The camping experience is quite a basic wild camping one (aren't all the best camping experienced wild). We have toilets/ washing up facilities but no showers - but hey it's only one weekend- feel the joy of not giving a damn and having an excuse, lol.The site is accessible to a limited amount of camper vans. I have had my 7.5 ton beastie in the woods - but I'm fearless, lol, and I'm not precious about bumps and scrapes. It's a steep incline into the wood so any vehicle with a low chassis and overhang at the back may have problems with access. Please enquire before booking overnight camping if you have a large van.We can provide a pre errected 5m Bell tent. This will not be fitted out with any equipment (you will need to bring your own) and is be priced at £200 for the weekend. A 5m bell tent will accomodate up to 6 people. Please message if you would like to book one of these.Children are welcome. They must be supervised at all times and care where you camp must be taken as some areas of the woodland could be potentially hazardous. The crew will be happy to advise you on suitable camping areas.  You can also book a crew memebr to help with errecting your tent should you need it.If you have mobility issues and would like to discuss whether you could access the site and workshops please contact us. It is a woodland setting but as far as woodland go it's very accessible. We will do our utmost to accomodate you.If you would like to know more please IM via facebook or email

at Fell Foot Park
Newby Bridge Winderemere
Newby Bridge, United Kingdom



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