Creating Space Within: Yin Yoga & Breathwork for Deep Release

Creating Space Within: Yin Yoga & Breathwork for Deep Release
Event on 2017-06-13 19:00:00
Facilitated by Alex Ryberg. Do you feel depleted, overwhelmed, exhausted?  Do you crave stillness, but can’t quite seem to make the time or space? In this class, we’ll explore the theme and dialogue of creating space for stillness, calm, contemplation and release, while we utilize the intelligent system of yin yoga and breathwork.  Also known as pranayama, the breathwork and yin yoga will help imprint a sense of stillness not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. We’ll slow down, rest, and yield to the five minute holds in restorative yoga postures – on the ground.  We’ll retrain our central nervous system to utilize our body’s breath to the fullest, through repetitive conscious breathing techniques, so that we may always feel fully oxygenated and refreshed.  We’ll learn how to apply the breathing patterns in everyday situations so we can create that sense of spaciousness even when we’re running from one meeting to the next. Yin Yoga is a gentle, passive form of yoga that helps us release deep connective tissue within the body, especially around the hips and spine. This class is a great opportunity for the students from Detox to Freedom to continue and advance their practice.  It is also accessible to all levels experience – no previous experience required!  Alex Ryberg has been sharing the practice of Yin yoga in the Cincinnati community for five years, having taught 100 hours or more of just yin.  She studied with the best, though biased, Matt Eshelman of You Do Yoga. She is often sought out for her approach in teaching yin – very meditative, contemplative, and intelligently sequenced with breathing techniques. When not teaching at The Hive, Alex works with clients one-on-one through integrative yoga and thai yoga therapy as a SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga Integrative Therapist, trains beginning SomaVeda practitioners, hosts retreats, and organizes events regularly. She loves to cook, hike, make art, and travel extensively.

at The Hive: A Center for Contemplation, Art, and Action
1662 Blue Rock Street , #1a
Cincinnati, United States

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