1. Mack Attack Films Mack Attack Films

    10/21 will mark my 2nd year as a Med-Surg nurse, been a tough ride but i know i still need to get my time management skills down. other then that i love this field!

  2. Sam Sosa Sam Sosa

    Hi Nurse Mendoza, just want to say I watch all ur videos and love all of them. I hav a question. How do u handle abuse and belittlement from nursing instructors? A couple of us hav experienced getting cussed out in front of patients and nursing staff as well as the director of our program. We hav reached out to the Director about it and this person does absolutely nothing about it. We continue to be mistreated and it's very discouraging!! What can I do to put a stop to this??

  3. Tidebeckons07 Tidebeckons07

    You have a 5 to 6 month orientation for ICU. receiving a well rounded set of certifications having a preceptor and having a wide array of patients is enough to prepare a new unseasoned nurse for the field. The dangerous thing about going into med surg initially is not necessarily having those certifications/tools to do the right thing. however there are pros though. you will learn time management through med surg and will give you a great backbone for when you finally go into critical care. I would recommend taking a 12 lead EKG and ACLS certification even when going into med surg initially. more than likely your hospital will not provide those classes, they will be out of pocket. however, you will be so glad you did when you have a patient who decides to decline on a med surg or telephone O/F unit and you can call the doctor promptly to alert them as to what may be wrong, or even call a Rapid Response.

  4. Heather Peterson Heather Peterson

    critical care!!!! 😉 I fell in love with neuro and trauma ICU!

  5. JayKay Hicks JayKay Hicks

    Great video! I'm perusing CRNA school and they require Critical Care experience so they made that decision for me lol

  6. Snap Snap

    I am currently in my last semester of Nursing School and I was torn with this decision for a while. I completely understand the dilemma. I was torn about working Med Surg first or the Step Down first to get my feet wet and THEN step into the ICU or do I jump right on in the ICU fresh outta school? I have decided to jump right on in it. I have worked as a Nurse Tech (like a CNA) on the floors and now I'm working in CCU which I love. I am also precepting in CCU, for I am about to graduate. Again, I have decided to go ahead and start in CCU. Because listen to this folks, whether you starts on the floor or starts in the ICU/ ER you will still be a baby to that environment. It will be a new challenge either background. Med Surg nursing and ICU/ER nursing are two different things. True on the floor you'll learn time management skills, NG tube placement, starting an IV, and much much more. And frankly some of the nurses who are in CCU who have a background of floor nursing are pretty awesome and diligent. But that doesn't change the BIG challenge one would face entering into the brand new world of Critical Care or Emergency Nursing. Because again, floor nursing and ICU/ER nursing are indeed different. I hope this makes sense and helps some of you make a decision. Best wishes!

  7. Sid Harville Sid Harville

    Yo, NurseMendoza! Love your content. Keep up the good work!

    I have a quick question for you. What do the hospital employers think about tattoos? Is it different for each unit? I see you have a sleeve and am wondering if you have received any backlash for it?

  8. Mister L Mister L

    Well I'am on the finish line on my ICU/Anesthesiology courses! 😉

  9. ccardenas2684 ccardenas2684

    I start an internship tomorrow in a Sub-Acute Unit at the VA

  10. Aziz sh Aziz sh

    im a new grad three more shift and ill be done with my one year internship at king Faisal specialist hospital & research center Saudi Arabia Riyadh during my internship i have been in ER for 6 months two months clinical rotation one month elective rotation and three month target area and now every body telling me to go to the floor even the recruiter saying im not letting you go to critical area before taking the critical course im frustrating right now but thank god the program director doesn't mind me bing there and she recommending already also the surgical ICU want me i feel like im ready and i was in a strong programme i feel competent to be ER nurse as a new grad from now all i need to know is how i can convince the recruiter that im fit

  11. savtime47 savtime47

    Thank you for this information. I am a nursing student graduating in December of this year. Most nurses I've come into contact with tell me to go to MED-Surg first, however I do have a contact in an ER after I graduate so i'm torn. I love Er medicine and have always wanted to be an ER nurse I just don't want to not be prepared with my skills.

  12. Suzana Garcia Suzana Garcia

    Can you explain what PRN job positions are? Like how does it work?


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