Cruiser Pay as you go: On The Farm

Cruiser Pay as you go: On The Farm
Event on 2017-06-29 11:30:00
11.30-12.30 Theme:On The Farm Bring along your crawling baby to explore, learn and play with other babies.We will observe and guide your child's development through play. The activities setup will be transferrable to the home environment. We will be working on your child's strengths in all areas of development while having fun. There will be lots of ideas about where to next, by supplying written and verbal information.   FAQs  What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? Longworth Avenue provides easy street parking to the event. There is a disabled parking space at the door of the hall for easy access if bringing anyone along who needs walker or wheelchair access. We are just over 1 Km from Adamtown Station if travelling by train. Buses: 322 & 225 stops are near the venue   Who can/can't I bring to the event? Dads are always welcome to all events! While this event is for babies who are learning how to get mobile we have had older siblings along when needed. I encourage whenever possible to come just with your cruiser baby as they so often take a back seat with the business of family life.  I understand that these arrangements are not always possible or fall through at the last minute. Your older child will need to be mindful of other cruisers :)

at New Lambton Baptist Church
Bridges Road
Newcastle, Australia

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