Crush Your Sugar Cravings!

Crush Your Sugar Cravings!
Event on 2017-10-04 18:30:00
If you’re feeling like your food habits are not supporting the wellness you desire, the first place to look is your daily intake of sugar and processed foods. We all know this, but are you truly aware of how significant the affect these foods have on your brain and blood sugar? Putting down the salty potato chips, rich, chocolate-y brownies, flakey croissants, and sugar-laden drinks is not a matter of sheer will power. Regularly consuming these items triggers the sugar addiction cycle in the brain, and can spike and crash blood sugar, fighting against your best efforts. Come learn what steps you can take to crush these health-sabotaging cravings and help reset your taste buds back to craving wholesome, real foods - foods that reconnect us to our own bodies and support better digestion, mental focus, quality of sleep, energy levels, and ability to lose unhealthy weight. About the Instructor Shelly Rose | Nutritionist & Natural Foods Chef | Virginians are getting hungrier for real food and its connection to living an active and vibrant life. Because of this, Shelly is on a mission to bring us back to our roots through leveraging her solid foundation in nutrition and practical skills in the culinary arts, all with a focus on food as medicine. Using that unique combination, she has the privilege of helping people make delicious meals and make their health goals a reality. After earning her Nutrition and Culinary Arts degree from leading natural health institute Bastyr University, she supplemented that formal education by attending Quillisascut’s Sustainable Kitchen Farm Culinary School, interning at Seattle’s FareStart, and volunteering with places like Cancer Lifelines, PCC Natural Markets, The Root Connection Farm, and Shalom Farms. She's worked in medical practices alongside Naturopathic Doctors specializing in food sensitivities, chronic conditions, and incorporating meal plans and culinary skills into patient care plans. Shelly also independently teaches whole foods nutrition for fitness members, outdoor enthusiasts, corporate offices, and partner with integrative health practitioners in a team approach to provide whole food, whole body nutritional care for those with Lyme and auto-immunity. When she's not teaching and cooking, you’ll mostly likely find her doing star jumps or making homemade pizza with two awesome kids; playing outside with her better half, kayaking, hiking, or running trails. She also love slowing down with a warm drink in hand, reading a good book, catching up on the latest nutrition research, yoga, and napping in her hammock. All attendees who are interested in participating in Shelly's 25-day fall sugar cleanse (starting 10/18/17) will receive a off coupon after the class! Learn more about the program here. Questions? Shoot us an email at We welcome questions, feedback, poetry and good vibes

at Ellwood's Cafe
4 N Thompson St
Richmond, United States



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