Dark Sun Rise

Dark Sun Rise
Back Pain
This photo was taken on a morning i will never forget , My brother was hit by a drunk driver and almost killed . The drunk driver of the other car was fine , 5 seconds after the crash another driver came upon the scene told the drunk driver to hold my comatose brothers helmet still untill the parametics came the second driver ran to a nearby house called 911 and went back to help my brother when he returned the drunk bastard had left my brother and ran home leaving his I.D. Car Registration and 12 empty corona bottles inside the car for the police to find . The police arrested the man and he was set free on bail never to be seen again , my brother on the other hand awoke 48 days later never to be the same he lost total use of his right arm and had a severe head injury he had over a year of rehab and had to learn EVERYTHING over again .This Photo Reminds me that no matter what , tomorrow is a new day things move on if your ready or not and also tell the people who mean something to you you love them as often as possible because they might not be there when you want to tell them.

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