1. Chuck D Chuck D

    I lov how sure he was that different coloration after cupping mean sits legit. Lmao

  2. Franken Piana Franken Piana

    Uhh can you use this sucker cups on your balls too? i want monster balls big like basketballs

  3. Theorcman2008 Theorcman2008

    I stopped watching as soon as the liberal fuck boy said beta.

  4. Syed Muhammad Hasan Syed Muhammad Hasan

    his gut healed

  5. UnknownUnrest UnknownUnrest

    Dylan says …Treat One ailment at a time ,..multiple visits ..He thinks its important to send a particular message to the body ( and his wallet)

  6. Glurbschnurb Glurbschnurb

    It's a shame Dave would do commercials for bullshit testo boosters

  7. SoIoCreep SoIoCreep

    Just like Indian stories of animal spirits and other goofy crap they believe in, acupuncture is also a farce. Love the channel Dave, you are a great guy.

  8. Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler

    I get daily cuppings on my balls from my gf with her lipps

  9. Franken Piana Franken Piana

    Dam Palumbo's Skin is looking like he is rotting from the inside out

  10. The Noble Sidi The Noble Sidi

    So many bullshit false medical science comments from this guy – removes the "old" blood???? He doesn't understand why any of this might work…

  11. meta1gear4 meta1gear4

    Man, and I thought Ross was annoying… Why do some people socialize in such a dead way that gets you so bored just by looking at their face!? What is more annoying is the way they finish off their sentences by not even bothering to continue to conclude the vocal tonality but rely on stretching it and giving off such an irritating and broken finish. Seriously, man up and talk properly.

  12. Larry Medina Larry Medina

    The doctor says "why are some areas darker than others", well Ph.D., where the suction was heavier the more blood showed up. DERP.


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