1. liz skill liz skill

    Today was my first ever experience of yoga using this video. I'm not going to lie, some of these moves were too hard for me but I tried to stick with it as best as possible and I'm very much looking forward to sticking with these videos and starting something new and healthy for myself. This chick is awesome by the way, thank you for the videos!

  2. Caitlin Main Caitlin Main

    Wow omg Adriene!! You like !! changed my life

  3. Erynn M Erynn M

    I just found this. 😀 Spur of the moment, but I've decided i'm gonna do the 30 days of yoga, just to get me back into some form of exercise. Trying to get a friend or two + my mother to join me. ^_^ Hoping i'll commit to this more than the pilates I was trying to do every day. lol.

  4. Joseph Walsh Joseph Walsh

    Day 1 done 2 years after the video published!

  5. Ashley S. Kay Ashley S. Kay

    sweet <3

  6. merve yanarates merve yanarates

    Started today. I really enjoyed during the lesson and I will continue, it wasn't so easy while sting, my ankles hurt a bit, its because they are untrained for a while. 🙂 Thank you for sharing Anriene 🙂

  7. Reem Ali Reem Ali

    Thanks alot have a good day

  8. Allik27 Allik27

    Haven't done any excercise in last 11 years. After first 14 minutes I'm dying.

  9. Alice Tay Alice Tay

    awesome,first day.

  10. Bemnet Girma Bemnet Girma

    I only can do it to 28 min for the day 1

  11. Natalia Pais Natalia Pais

    What a great experience

  12. Sebastian Piskorski Sebastian Piskorski

    Namaste 🙂

  13. ThisUserName15Taken ThisUserName15Taken

    I can't cross my legs any help?!?! hhahaha

  14. Jackman Jackman

    Just did this! Before I started I felt a painful stiffness in my neck but now it's all better! This was awesomeeeee


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