Day 155 – Worth Getting Out There

Day 155 – Worth Getting Out There
Back Pain
You’ve got to love the summer months. Photographically, the lighting can be a pain because it is so harsh for much of the day, but it’s also great that sunsets occur at sociable hours. This evening was case in point. We weren’t home particularly early from work and I barbecued dinner, which was great in the wonderful weather. After all this there was still time to grab the gear and get out to take a load of shots of the sunset at a location just past the castle that I’d tried back on Day 135 but on that occasion went with a different one. It was a wonderful sunset and I confess that I did give very serious consideration to opening another beer and enjoying the evening at home. That would have been nice but I’d have been kicking myself later so I’m really glad that I forced myself out.

Kindly note my audience in the bottom left of the shot. I managed to hold their attention for this shot so they’d be still by jumping up and down like an idiot.

Relatively little has been done to this shot since it was taken with a 3-stop ND Grad. Following an increase in the White Balance, the foreground has been adjusted with +1 stop exposure and the sky -1.5 stops in Lightroom, plus the addition of Clarity, but that’s about it. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

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